Monday, June 6, 2011

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First of month again and here’s the reminder to get your $$$$$ in.

To work on hip drive we will be doing kneeling box jumps. Try to discover your maximum height.

“Open 11.6?
Climb up the ladder as high as possible in 7 minutes of:
3 Thrusters (100, 65)
3 C2B Pull ups
6  Thrusters
6 C2B Pull ups
9 Thrusters
9 C2B Pull ups…

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  1. Great turn out this morning!! It’s always nice to see new faces 🙂

    Kneeling box jumps – I got up to a #45 plate + 1 #10, tried 2 #10’s but didnt make it.

    WOD: 54 reps, mostly RX’d but not all the pull ups were C2B

  2. WOD: 70 reps (12 + 10) Thrusters were Rx’d but did ring rows in lieu of C2B

    PR: Back squat to 110 from 95… I figured what the heck is the harm at this point if I ruin my shoulder :p

    I thought today would be my last workout before my surgery… but it’s not until 1:00pm tomorrow so I’ll squeeze in one more 6am round with Jenn 🙂 And this time I won’t forget the REAL playlist… I wonder how many ppl have been to the Chestnut Club around 2001ish…you’re in for a treat!

  3. Strangely enough, I have been there around that time…but I never thought I’d have to think about it again.

  4. Nobody needs to recall ANYTHING from the Chestnut Club from that time. Anything.

    Pre-WOD: Wendler Deadlifts Week 3 Cycle 4: 5@308lbs (“359”)

    I’m regressing in my Wendler during this week of this cycle. It’s brutal.

    WOD: 75 reps
    82 reps May 1, 2011

    Gotta turn this sinkin’ ship around!

  5. 75 reps today, that’s a PR! Last time I did this I got 59. Afterwards worked on kneeling box jumps successfully completed three 45 plates. Failed when I tried to add a ten on top. Oh well great work out lunch crew!

  6. We had Nick D. come join the lunch crew today. He did a great job on this WOD. It’s going to be a fun adventure Nick #3

  7. Mike will you be in tonight? I’ll stop by with my $$$

  8. Nicholas and Tracey were ROCKING the kneeling box jumps today at lunch! Can’t wait to try them! I was just in working on the GIANT knots I have in my left calf after skipping the other day… so painful!!

  9. Well my first ever WOD went better than expected.
    I seen that bar and really didn’t think I’d get 1, I’m fairly heavy…lol
    Surprised myself and got 51 Reps.

    kneeling box jumps were really hard on my knees, but managed to get a few, not onto any weights but technique is something that will come with time.

    The 6AM session was something I felt good doing, I was sore when I left but full of energy. Got a ton of stuff done today as a result. 😀

    Thanks Everyone!

  10. Oh and only used 80# for the thrusters, and my last few c2b’s might have been a little short but I’m not sure…lol

  11. Got 74 on wod thrusters at rx and pu with #2band.
    Did kneeling box jump with a 45 + 25 pound plates. attempted two 45 but was thinking about it too much. I will certainly attempt again.

  12. did 12 + 6 used 65 lbs and #1 band for c2b, not bad i guess. i didn’t do this one the first time round so i don’t have anything to compare it to unfortunately…

  13. I sure know now what a noodle feels like..It is me…limp wet and falls flat on it’s face doing elevated pushups…OMG..I have no upperbody strength left.
    3 rounds
    15 leg raises each leg, 10 elevated pushups,15 squats,10 pull ups
    12 minutes…Thanks Mike…keep yelling

  14. @ mike
    Here is My Blog

  15. Wendler 3.3 DL – amrap 6@235

    WOD – 9 + 12 – used 70lbs and #3 band – this cold/sinus thing has zapped me pretty good – had no zip for the 7 minutes. Had to use 70 as when I did a rep or two at 90 before the start I could barely breathe. Sinuses filled up too fast.