We're going to have a Piper Down!!

Posted by on Jun 6, 2011 in WOD | 3 comments

Erika will soon be in the hands of a surgeon to repair a damaged shoulder. She has been coming to CFSJ for months now and has been improving steadily ever since. Druing the Paleo challenge, she had some pretty significant PRs…a huge DL of 245-250ish…. and that’s not counting all the bodyweight WODs she’s been crushing.

As she stated, tomorrow 6am will be her last WOD for at least 2 months…so we should wish her well and make sure she stays in the loop so she can come back and have full functionality.

The 6am crew should definitely push her as hard as possible so that she will not forget where she should return ASAP

Good luck Erika.

We also have Sue T. who is awaiting surgery on her knees….so lets ensure she keeps pushing through until her date comes up.


  1. Awwww, thanks Mike! You’re so sweet! 😉

    I definitely look forward to a quick recovery and a great deal of that can be attributed to CrossFit and the great trainers we’ve got here in SJ! Even though I had a frustrating injury, with their help we were always able to figure out ways to still get max effort and come away just as exhausted as the rest of the crew! I have only been training full time for just under 3 months and I’ve had great results! If only I could stay away from the ice cream…

    I hope lots of people will come try out the 6am slot to ‘hold’ my spot for me while I’m out; it’s a great time; you’re energized for your day; it’s not hella hot in there and Jon’s music will do nothing if not inspire you :p You can’t say it’s too early until you try it!!!

    I’ll miss it!! Hope everyone has a great summer!!

  2. Hey Erika, I can’t make the early morning workout but I want to wish you the best and speediest recovery! Can’t wait to see you back at the gym.

  3. I am just reading this otherwise Olivia and I would have come down this morning. Good luck with the surgery and see you soon.