Thursday, June 9, 2011

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00:00-00:15 – Warm Up

00:15-00:30 – Work on Overhead bar postion at both standing and squat position. Correct as necessary. Work on stretches where necessary to get proper bar position overhead.

00:30 + – WOD (In Heats)

3 Rounds

1 minute max calorie Rowing
1 minute max rep Box Jumps (30, 24)
1 minute max rep KBS (55, 35)


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  1. Any rest between rounds?

  2. Looks like a football wod if there is!

  3. This is straight through and you count all your reps continuously

  4. This would be a great WOD to partner up and have one count for the other so no one loses track. Only 9 mins and it would be great for keeping intensity high throughout.

  5. Great session this morning guys…Enjoyed.

  6. 3x Wendler Deadlifts to start (instead of the overhead position work)

    WOD: 127 Rx’d+ (70lb kettlebell)

    Fun workout today – good one to go all out on. First row was 28 calories, but on each of the other two (between transition time and just wanting to die) I was lucky to hit half of that.

    Finally (after a year and a month at the gym) I decided to get a squat snatch on the board after the workout was done. 125lbs – It felt pretty solid once I got under it, but I spent a long time snatching 120 over and over again. Should be able to get 130 next time.

  7. This was tough but a lot of fun. Total 156
    Row, Box, KB
    Round 1: 60 – 18, 6, 34
    Round 2: 41 – 10, 11, 20
    Round 3: 55 – 7, 13, 35

    The row went down fast, but the box jumps went up. After the first row, I tried to do the box jumps and my right leg just wouldn’t cooperate. After that it got a bit better.

  8. WOD – Total 197 @ Rx’d

    Moving fast to the next station will help your reps immensely. Nine minutes goes by very quickly.
    Trying to keep up with Mark A on a rower will make you wish you practiced more!!

  9. WOD= 147 (tire/KB-30)

    Holey moley! I didn’t know if I’d make ‘er… Thanks Sherri for the motivation and counting!

  10. I wanted to play in the sandbox as well..sniff..sniff
    Instead I had to do stretches and warm up and Chris stretched me so far that I unfroze my shoulders …I think..once it stops hurting I will be able to tell..
    The guys were awsome…so was Ninja Sherri

  11. Man this was a mini version of FGB with no rest

    WOD – 118 – 45,34,39 with no lungs – not bad
    At one point I think Greg thought I was going to drop.

    My breathing sounded like a saw going through wood – can’t wait to do this when I am not congested

  12. wod: 181 did 20″ step ups on the box reps were 73/58/50 Holy cow,what a work out on the legs & knees lol… 5 pm crew killed it! I was tired just watching… awesome job by the 6’ers as uaual 🙂

  13. Well I didn’t do the work out tonight instead opted to do 9-7-5 squat snatches and muscle ups. I really wanted to work on muscle ups. Goal is to get one by the end of the month. I did jumping muscle ups and 65 for the squat snatches. I would really like Greg for the hamstring stretch that worked so well, leg didn’t bother me at rugby at all.

  14. This was 9 minutes of major grunting! Total=149 (55, 47, 47). Started on 20″ box, but quickly had to switch to the tire, with jello legs. Started with 35 kettle bell, and half-way through second round had to grab the nearest lower one which was 25lbs. Didn’t want to be there, but after it was over was glad I came to the work-out.

  15. ok so for anyone that was there to witness my performance, you have now figured out I’m quite a loud grunter. What a WOD. Thankfully there were people to count and to encourage! Total = 152 (60,46,46). 2 rnds at the box with last rnd on the tire. Kept the kettle bells at 25 – took me a while to figure out my clench and thrust rhythm. 🙂

  16. Hit this up this morning cause I won’t be able to get in at noon today….and no i didn’t feel like flipping a tire for 200 m by myself in the rain.

    167…204 for Mark A and 197 for Ray…..WHAT!!??!!?? wow