Friday, June 10, 2011

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00:00 – 00:15 – Warm Up

00:15 – 00:30 – Work on the Snatch and Clean from the Mid-Thigh and Pockets Position. WATCH VIDEO BELOW

00:30 + – TEAM WOD

2 teams compete to finish the following first.

  • Run the block together
  • 200 m tire flips (Do not start until all members have touched the tire. Guys:6 flips; girls:4 flips. Start in opposite directions. When teams encounter one another switch tires and keep going.)
  • Run the block together
  • Time stops when last member enters the door.

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  1. Thought of Jon when I came across this one!

  2. lol okay, what brave girls are going to join me for tire flips at 6 pm

  3. 3x Wendler Bench to start

    Teams of 2 this morning. I paired up with Jenn; Michelle with Devon. Doing 200m of tire flips after the run was a little rougher than expected. Jenn and I scored a 13:30, which would have been ~45 seconds lower if we had remembered the second run. We went in and rested for a bit before that correction came in.

    Played around on the rings (dips and L-sits) after the WOD.

  4. Tire flips are alot harder after running 400m. :p BTW its 10AM and I feel great! Much better than I felt at 7:05 AM. :p Thanks guys for another great 6AM session!!!

  5. Did anyone play with the snatch and clean technique??
    I would suggest you invest some time into it as next week it will be relevant…. Just sayin!

  6. Worked on the snatch yesterday. I’m excited for next week’s relevance.

  7. Wod 11:?? @ Rx’d

    This WOD was fun as heck with New Nick as my partner.
    We had great conversations with the passing vehicles and pedestrians and I think the student hair designers were admiring Nick’s “talents” at tire flipping! :o)

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  8. Paired with sue and steve for the WOD.11:20 was our time poor steve had to go it alone on the run as I had no shoes and had to row beside sue. I would like to point out rowing beside sue not fun, I’m officially supporting here in her bid for the 2012 games in London.

  9. WOD today was awesome…Ray, you carried me through it today and thanks for the advice the way through. My back is in crazy pain and in trying to get dressed, split my pants and have no socks on due to the immobility. Thanks Ray for the inspiration/coaching, Mike for the stretches, Sue for the big pills and Jon for running around at work getting me pills/ice.

    Can’t wait to try again 🙂 Have a great restfull weekend.

    • Nick, if you were able to sneak in tomorrow at 10am I can put you through another round of stretches

  10. Mike, I’ll see what I can do/how back feels. Thanks for the offer.

  11. 🙁 I was looking forward to this team WOD, but my trip to Moncton was longer than planned.
    Haha hope someone stepped up to be a good partner for you Sherri.

  12. Ben’s sister was there so there was a girl on each team! worked out great! there was me Jeff and Chris W and it took us just over 14 mins to complete

  13. WOD was fun tonite – teamed with Sherri and young Jeff for this one. As Sherri mentioned did this in 14:46 – I was the slow one – was not good to be the last one doing the tire flips and then having to run. May have to rethink what position to be in next time LOL

  14. All alone, all not the song by the Gorillaz…just me doing my WOD and shaving an itty bit of time off…did it in 8:51…and the other boys and girls were playing in the sunshine frolicking around flipping tyres and running…what fun…just you wait ’till I can play…awsome stuff guys

  15. That’s an awesome song MP! Did this one with Amy and because Amy is a tank she did 5 flips instead of the 4 prescribed for the ladies. Wod was good except for the last run in which Amy made me look like a total chump haha. Time was around 12:30 as rx’d I believe. Last night’s post wod drinks and food was a lot of fun as well and I’d be more than happy to do it more often. Have a great weekend guys!