Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Muscle Ups are coming…start working on them


  • 15 Kettlebell Swings, American (70/50)
  • 15 Burpees (Hips completely open at top, clap overhead)

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Muscle Up Transition Progression Videos from Gymnastic WOD : Most people tend to have difficulty with the transition from pulling up to getting into the dip position. These videos will give some drills to assist with transition improvement for both newbies or experienced people alike.  USE YOUR 15 MINS BETWEEN WARM UP AND WOD WISELY.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

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  1. Surprising amount of DOMS after yesterday’s WOD. Woke up stiff, and sore. The WOD this morning was fun, but I really need to work on my KB endurance with the big bell.

  2. 6 rounds + 25 reps @ 55lb KB

    Mobility: 4m/side of the ‘Couch Stretch’

  3. WOD 7 rounds 17 reps (Last two burpee’s must have been funny as heck to watch.)

    Alternated 70# and 60# KB rounds with Mark A. on this WOD. I never imagined that a 10llbs difference would feel so heavy but the 70# rounds were nasty.

  4. 70 IS nasty. and it definitely makes a difference.

    • I REALLY wanted to do yesterday’s WOD so I did.
      Dead’s sucked today. Broken all over the place. Sleep and eating is off.
      Push presses just aren’t fun at all.
      9:44 Rx’d

      And stretched everything!

  5. 7 even with 35lb kb. Sure did get the heart pumping.

  6. This was not fun after yesterday lol!
    WOD: 6 full rounds with 35lb KB

  7. BAMM! I’m tied with Greg, I can’t freaking believe it!!
    WOD = 6 rounds + 25 reps (KB-35)

    I know you think I’m crazy Kendra and Lisa, but man, those burpees are a whole lot easier to pound out than anything else! <3 hahah

    • BAAMMM!!!!!!!!

      I love it Beverly! I knew you were a ninja. Keeping quiet while you’re in there. It’s a ploy to sneak attack the scoreboard and get some trash talk going! Great job. And I agree about the burpees…..a good rhythm helps a lot.

  8. Started to do Wendler 4.1 only got warm up in before the WOD started.
    Will do again tomorrow

    WOD 5 rounds + 24 reps 40lb KB – after yesterday it was the smart move
    Congestion is going away – finally
    I seem to hear less comments directed at me – i.e. throw the hips out, keep your back straight, etc., etc., must be doing some small things right.

  9. I disagree with the burpees!!! I detest them. DOUBLE BAM!
    Managed to squeak out 5 rounds plus 21 with 30lb KB. and my shoulders are still reminding me after 5 hours. I can only imagine what tomorrow is going to bring when I try to use my arms to work on people.