Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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Review Muscle Up Progression Videos on Tuesday’s Post

For time:
20 Thrusters
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
20 Push Jerks
20 Overhead Squats
20 Front Squats

Men: 95 lbs, Women: 65 lbs.

Every minute, on the minute you must stop and complete 4 Burpees before continuing.

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  1. 8:47 and doubled up on front squats instead of overhead squats…

  2. Nice Jon 🙂

  3. Were you alone in this?

  4. WOD: 11:4? RX’d except for the OHS did just the bar
    Then I went home and died lol wasn’t feeling 100% this morning

  5. It sucks, pulled a muscle in my back on monday, Doctor put me out of work for the rest of this week so crossfits definitely out. 🙁 Hope to be back monday!!! have a great week everyone.

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    $20 to register + a $2 online transaction fee

  7. 9:59, did 40 front squats to replace overhead squats. Good to be back in the gym, it’s been almost two weeks.

  8. WOD 12:48 @ Rx’d

    OHS absolutely need more work.
    Was trucking along with the first 60 reps them “BOOM” OHS! The wheels on the bus no longer went round and round.

  9. @Devon, sorry to hear. rest it up and come back in when you’re feeling better!

  10. WOD: 20:00

    50lb for everything except OHS – could barely manage to hold a 14 lb med ball overhead!

  11. great job was inspirational watching you push it hard to the end today.. Great work

  12. OMG…could not wait to get into those recovery skins today..worked in 10 increments from a 40lb to 120 lb dead lift
    3x 15lbKB’s each arm..absolutly no upper arm strenght at all..thanks Mike for pushing my shoulders into the ground…lol…the wod you guys did looked brutal..great work guys and ladies

  13. 9:57 as rx’d. Great work tonight guys!

  14. This WOD was not nice. A nice combo of a few of my least favourite things.

    WOD – 20 or 21 minutes and change – did not get exact time and truthfully did not care at the end. I just wanted to complete it.
    Used 70lbs for all but OHS which I am still trying to master. Used dowel as I want form first then work on weight.
    Tops of my knees are sore from burpees – no pop left in them after yesterday.
    All in all happy that I did it – first thought this morning was that I would take closer to 30 mins.