Friday, June 17, 2011

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Can everyone take a look at the Google Group created for the Dragon Boat Team and check out the graphic designs Sherri has submitted for team t-shirt. I need opinions by Monday if possible. Click HERE

Saturday Session will be at 10am. No information session this weekend.

00:00 – 00:15 – Warm Up

00:15 – 00:30 – Overhead Squat
5 sets of 3 reps

00:30 + – WOD

3 Rounds For Time:

12 Overhead Squats (135/95)
5 Muscle Ups (Scale 3xPull up/Dips)

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By Phaidra Knight


  1. This didn’t really turn out to be a MetCon for me today. I went for technique and skill work the whole time.

    WOD: 19:41 Rx’d
    OHSs went like 12, 6+6, & 12 for the three rounds.
    MUs were alllllll singles. I got my 2nd strict MU before the WOD so I issued a challenge to myself: do all strict MUs during the WOD. Time suffered, but got all 15. There’s lots of work to do to string these bad boys together. 😀

  2. Attepted yesterday’s WOD (Flight Simulator) today for fun.
    After the 20th shot at round 45 (yes, 20th) laid down the rope and did two sets of 1000m rows. With that I was to wiped to be mad at DU’s. :o)

    • I did flight simulator this evening.
      Last time I did it I got 16:50
      I did an extra 168 DUs throughout the process.

      This time was 11:20min. On an extra 66. I am very happy I did not use my red Buddy Lee rope

  3. Concentrated on getting depth of squat using just the dowel – can now get down to touch a med ball on top of a 45 lb plate.
    WOD: 9:59

  4. wod: 13:?
    used 40 lb bar and did m/u progressions

    got a PR on my ohs: from 70 to 80 lbs!

    this is sooo not one of my fav movements lol

  5. This was the most frustrating day I have had so far. I wanted to smash something real bad and only now have calmed somewhat to post.

    WOD – 15:05 – used bar for OHS and did that poorly. The only good part were the dips as the pullups are not that great. Guess what I will be doing for a goat day.
    Out of all this I think I found something that will help my shoulder mobility.
    Mike I was not frustrated at you – you just happened to be in front of me. I was pissed at me because I should be better.

  6. Aw aw aw,,,everything hurts …EXCEPT MY HIPS…cool..feel like I did something today…thanks guys 🙂

  7. Sorry Greg, Nick and I won’t be able to make it today.

  8. WOD for Saturday (goats)

    15 minute amrap of double unders / front squats
    15 double unders
    7 front squats @65

    did 9 rounds + 14 reps

  9. Saturday WOD

    AMRAP 15:
    5 Push Jerks – 40 lb bar
    10 Squats – down to med ball on 35 lb plate

    12 rounds and better than yesterday for depth of squats!