Monday, June 20, 2011

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* Sorry for the inconvenience as showers may be an issue for the lunch crew. A call has been made and we can only hope the hot water will be back by then but we have no way of being certain at this point.

Dragon Boat Team – an email was sent last week to join the Google Group for the event.
Please join ASAP. There are some important details there.

00 – :15 – Warm Up

:15 – :30 – Work on a goat.

:30 + WOD

“Salty Dog”

10 rounds for time of:
15 Deadlifts (135, 95)
15 Push ups

Post time and comments

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  1. Love the T-shirt design!!!

    WOD: 22:47 w/ mostly knee PU’s
    I’m feeling the PU’s already, had trouble washing my hair lol and gave up trying to dry it

  2. Man – to this point I had managed to avoid salty dog. It was rough!

    1xWendler Bench to start

    WOD: 23:53 as Rx’d.

    Jon pointed out that with the high rep deadlifts I seem to be doing almost all of the work with my back – very minor knee bend. A mix of reasonable flexibility, and a desire for that hamstring bounce are causing this, but it’s something I’m going to have to work on. That being said – no strained feeling in the lower back at all. Push-ups are definitely the hard part of this.

  3. WOD: 19:50 Rx’d – PR! by 2:44

    Pushups. Ugh. There were some fast times at lunch today – great job!!!

    22:34 Rx’d November 29, 2010

  4. WOD: 11:38
    Push up’s are just cruel in the late rounds…Ouch.

    Improved Nov’s WOD by 1:38

  5. 13:31…not a PR at all, actually more than a minute over….ah well next time!

  6. Hey so not that I can lift my arms again, I figured I would post. Slowly working my way up, and one of the things I have learned….


    Salty Dog=23:46 (90 pounds)

    Getting there slowly

  7. Did wod rx. 20:08 excited that I did all push ups on toes.

  8. WOD = 20:46

    Hate, hate, HATE Deadlifts! Had to do squats for the last 3 rounds b/c my back hurt so much =(
    …I would rather do Burpees (haha not Burpee Box Jumps, which I see are the WOD for tomorrow and look like death) ANY day over Deadlifts!

  9. wod: 18:00 weight RX’d / push ups on knees

    deadlift = my fav

    i didn’t mid this one at all… push ups kinda sucked lol
    i didn’t do this one back in November so I don’t have anything to compare to.

  10. 31:30 almost. used 130 pounds (no 2.5’s left ot make it to 135) and push-ups on knees (without grace i might add)

  11. WOD – 22:07
    Deadlifts @ 80 lb
    Push ups from knees

  12. I feel good…dah dah dadda dah ( a la James Brown) I won’t do the splits though
    modified WOD 10 rounds of.10 DL’s @70lbs and 5 push ups

  13. Was in much better frame of mind than Friday.

    WOD – 21:14 DL’s as Rx’d and did the first 6 rounds of pushups on toes, next two were a combo and last two were from knees.

    Thanks everyone for listening on how my Dragon Boat fundraising works. If you want to help, come and see me at 6pm or drop a post in the google groups.
    @Chris A I believe you forgot the envelopes at the gym. I picked them up – C U tomorrrow

  14. Killer today for me but appreciated the support to push through. 27 min and change with 90 on the DL. Back felt great today 90% on knees. Something to work on. On last pushup I remained face on sweaty floor as I had difficulty getting up…a bit funny. Thanks to MJ and JR for pushing me through the last one…

  15. 14:29 as Rx’d. First 5 rounds of push ups not so bad. Last 5 were a struggle

  16. WOD: 20:40 @ 95lbs for DLs (yay RX’d!) which felt awesome! Push ups were from my knees though. Kept a steady pace throughout which was key. Felt really good about this one