Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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00:00 – 00:15 – Warm Up

00:15 – 00:25 – Skill Development – Kipping/Double Under

00:25 + – WOD

100 Burpee Box Jumps for Time (24/20)

Once everyone has finished.

Tabata Plank Position – 8 Rounds
Elbows directly under shoulders, hands do not touch one another, no sagging of body, on tip of toes

Post time and comments

Pics from CrossFit HQ… Included comment with pic “Yes ladies. Lifting weights will make you bulky and unattractive. Somebody put this picture up at Goodlife”

With our style of training, it would be VERY difficult for our ladies to bulk up and look like a bodybuilder. Besides being strong, and well conditioned, the side effects is looking strong and well conditioned. Keep eating as clean as you can throughout the summer.

This of course applies to the guys…


  1. I’m excited to do (much needed) core work.
    100 Burpee Box Jumps? Haha We’ll see how that goes.

  2. ugggg…. this could keep me away for my last day you know. Does not look like something i want ot do the night before a 5 hour drive

  3. Wow – my legs were not warmed up enough for this one this morning.


    Burpee Box Jumps: 13:13 as Rx’d. Not sure on the seconds, but it sounds rightish – if someone could correct me later today, please do. I don’t have this one written in my log.

    Tabata Planks – Why, oh god why? I think I wound up belly down in the last 3 rounds at the 10-15 second mark. Really hard to fight the urge to clasp hands together.

  4. Doing this after yesterdays wod was just plain mean! lol I hurt all over, thank god tomorrow is rest day!

    WOD: 15:10 Rx’d

    Tabata planks – I found this harder on my shoulders than anything else, they gave out on the 2nd last round so I had a bit of a rest there so was able to finish the last one

  5. Love those pics… I was looking through them on FB last night! So awesome… and quite inspiring!

    Have yet to decide if I want to brave this one after yesterday… but workout roulette is a very dangerous game to play!

  6. 11:01 20inch

  7. 10:46…..aaaaand I’m gassed.

  8. WOD 11:40 (30″ Tires)

    Did this with Mark A and we averaged approx. 20 seconds rest between ten rep rounds.

    Oh yeah, planks after Burpee Box Jumps…Nice!

  9. WOD: 11:57 Rx’d (24″)

    Cold showers do wonders after summertime WODs.

    Mobility WODs:
    [1] 3-position Calf Mash on the bar – 20s per position per side, four times
    [2] Band Distracted Ankle Mob – 2 minutes per side, front & back
    [3] Lacrosse Balled the &*@^ out of my Plantar Fascia

    You see that girl doing the Overhead Squat in the Mobility WOD graphic a little to the right/up from this post? That’s gonna be me some day soon, sans female anatomy.

  10. If crossfit can give you that female anatomy though Greg….not a bad thing.

  11. I feel so much better about tonight’s WOD than last night’s! Great workout! =)

    WOD = 16:?

    Planks were a little tough; that 1 min “rest” went by way too fast.

  12. This one killed me – burpees and box jumps – I believe I did those on my goat day a month ago.
    WOD – 24 mins and change – did all box jumps as Rx’d – BJ were not the issue – bucking furpees

    Now that I have done 100 FB’s I will need to work on quickening the pace. Even though burpees are getting better.

    Planks were more like busted boards – definitely need to work on core more often