Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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00:00 – 00:15 – Warm Up

00:15 – 00:30 – Skills – Bergener Warm Up/skill transfer/footwork (jump to landing)

00:30 + WOD

10 sets of 1 Squat Cleans – Work up to 1 rep max…try not to go up to fast. Work on technique and foot work


  1. This bumped my rest day back!!

  2. Yeah me too Nick, don’t want to miss this one!

  3. I think my plans have changed as well..

  4. What a beautiful way to start the day. The olympic lifting has to be the best part of crossfit.

    I was wickedly stiff/sore when this started, and I can feel it starting to creep back now.

    90, 110, 130, 145, 155, 160, 165F, 165, 170 (got stuck in the bottom a couple of times), 175 (failed to really get under the bar a few times, grunted it out in the end). There were more than 10 attempts here, but I’m ok with that.

  5. Loved this session. Great to have the time to work on the movements with great coaching..Thanks guys.

    130 achieved. Need to really work on elbows up and minimize the height of the bar on thrust…

    Fun one…

  6. Elbows are key!

    230 today, tried 240 several times to no avail. Next time!

  7. WOD – 210 Squat Clean

    Did this one by the numbers today to work on technique. Started at 90llbs and tried working on shoulder shrug, quickly getting under the bar, and final foot placement.

    Great work by the lunch crew today!

  8. Due to my knee issue this turned into power cleans instead.
    Max was 75 lb at which point I was getting really frustrated with not getting the technique right.

    Was almost tempted to try this again tonight but thought better of it – I will practice this another day.

  9. Being new Mike had me work on Power Cleans tonight and will work up to Squat Cleans a little later after I work on my form. Maxed at 180lbs.

  10. Fun day! got 240 up and over my head

    • Got a PR of 250 tonight. These still scare me a little but i’m getting over it

  11. this made it clear that I need to work on my front squat for sure!
    managed to get 110 after a glorious (and slightly painful) fail

    thanks so much for all the coaching and encouragement!!

  12. got a pr on my double unders (33) totally unrelated i know lol

    managed to get my original max of 120 up but wasn’t able to get 125… damn 5 pounds

  13. I love days like this!! Working on technique helps immensely.
    Warmed up by just jumping and shrugging – trying to get the explosion right

    Your fail Leah was my gain as it showed me a lot when Mike pointed your elbows up. My last squat clean I was saying “elbows up” elbows up” til I was there
    Power cleans 130 new PR – up 15
    Squat cleans 130 new PR – up 20

  14. Cindy oh Cindy..8 full rounds &1 set pull ups and 2 push ups…I could eat a bear (I think I just did) and off to bed early,good stuff Chris nice fluid motion…Mike that lift was way cool…I felt not too bad but really tired…wonder how I will feel in the morning

  15. Oh forgot…Mike…Chris says that I am 18 with 43 years of experience= 18 burpees

  16. Hello everyone my name is Carey and I’m the new guy. Finished my fundamentals tonight with Mike. Completed my first 500M row with a time of 1:37:9

  17. That is bloody awesome Carey

  18. GREAT JOB Carey!!

  19. I loved loved loved this work out. Mike can we do one of these every week with a different movement? It was great for working on technique. Elbows up are key 🙂 The front squat was my weak spot, I need to work on that. Again, I loved loved loved this workout.