Friday, June 24, 2011

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Dragon Boat Team registration fees are due by Thursday June 30. Those who have not paid will lose their spot in this fun event.

:00 – :15 – Warm Up

:15 – :20 – Set Up for WOD

:20 + – WOD

Seven HELENs

7 Rounds of:

Every 5 mins perform the following:

  • 400 m run
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)
  • 12 Pull Ups (any style)

Post score and comments

“While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.” ~Henry C. Link



  1. I post when things go well, so I have to post when things go poorly. I let this one win this morning. DNF – 5 rounds, last 2 where over 5 minutes long. Didn’t use the C word, but I sure felt it, so I added my name to that board. Forearms just dieing, and what I can only describe as a bonk during the later runs. Chock it up to under eating yesterday, accumulated lack of sleep, or any other number of factors – I just gave up. Sorry!

    Ryan was boss this morning. Finishing all 7 rounds in under 5 minutes each. Crazy!

  2. I finished it but barely, only had a 40 pound, and used a band for the pull ups so I am not taking huge credit. The 6th one was super close dropping from the bar at 4:59, one second rest sucked…

  3. I have renamed this to 7 Hel s.

    This was terrible. I have a DNF as well and stopped at 5, but even with the rest in between, I PR’d my Helen time.

  4. It was great to see Devon back this morning.

  5. It was great to see Devon back this morning 🙂

  6. Welcome back Devon! Great job today!

    I DNF as well. My knee was killing me on the runs by round 5 so I spent the rest of my time rolling/streching it out…. it kinda feels better :S

    Ryan was awesome! Finishing all 7 rounds while the rest of us lazed around lol I’m sure the rocky theme helped out alot, thanks DJ Jon that was epic!

  7. Scaled down to 200 m run with 45/40 KBS and #4 elastic… finished. Great work Tracey and Wayne !!

  8. Damn. After flip-flopping all day, I caved to the peer pressure and did the WOD at 6pm after Amy wrote my name on the board. This WOD was grotesque. 🙂

    Rounds: 3:15 | 3:35 | 3:55 | 3:56 | 4:05 | 4:42 | 4:42 = 28:10 Rx’d

    MWODs @ Lunch:
    4 minutes / each leg / Ankle Band Distraction/Frontward & Backward
    4 minutes / each leg / 3 position Calf-mashing on the bar
    5 minutes / each leg / hip opener something-or-other

    Great job by everyone who even attempted this today. Wow.

  9. I did Helen the 3 round Helen 15:28
    400m row, 21 KB’s (mod 15lb). 12 pull ups
    Helen is sneaky…felt ok..did shopping home and took that 1st step up the stairs…OMG…I want painkillers now…bed now…etc etc…lol
    Great job you guys…great to watch

  10. Well My first day back after a 2 week doctor ordered rest (not because of crossfit but because of a work injury) Helen is a nasty girl, I’ll never look at anyone named helen the same.

    I managed to do my first round in under 5 minutes, then it all fell apart….
    23 minutes to do 3 rounds with a number 4 band for the pull ups….

    the positives:
    I got to see my 6AM crossfit buddies – I really was missing them.

    The RJ’s from Big John FM who set up on the street for their morning show were well entertained by the fat guy puking on the side of union street.

    I was able to pull out and finish 2 more rounds after emptying my guts in a storm drain.

    The negatives:
    Still suffering from shin splints when running and lower back is sore this morning.

    All in all it was worth it, tons of props going to ryan who was a machine completing all 7 rounds!

    See yas soon