Monday, June 27, 2011

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00 – :15 – Warm Up

:15 – :30 – Overhead Squats 3 x 3 reps

:30 + WOD

” DT ”

5 rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang power cleans
6 Jerks

Men’s weight: 155
Women’s weight: 105

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Say hello to Olivia C.


  1. She’s already well on her way to a 30-second static hold for her Level 1!! 😀

  2. That was awesome!! little crossfitter!!

  3. Looks like she’s working on her kip..

  4. She is doing as well as I can!!!!

    This morning was interesting, didn’t do as much weight as I would have liked, 70 pounds 17:49

    Also managed to rip my thumb open, so YA first cross fit related injury!!!

  5. I under estimated this one. I started with 90lb, but after the first round took me almost 6 minutes, I went down to 80lb. The hang cleans were the most surprising. They were hard on the grip.

    WOD: 17:58

  6. Overhead Squats 3×3:
    warmup: barx5, 70×5, 100×4
    work: 130×3, 145×3, 165×3 (PR! for a triple)

    WOD: 9:57 @ 100lbs

    12 people @ lunch….took up all the bars! I think this was the biggest lunch crew yet!

  7. WOD 16:?? @ Rx’d.

    Who knew hanging power cleans would suk so much? :o) Missed a couple attempts at them due to trying to figure out technique (i.e. arm pulling) on the fly.

    Great crowd again at lunch!

  8. Second WOD since starting just working on the technique part and working on stretching.
    WOD 10:59 @ 75lbs
    Did an extra round at 95lbs to see if I could still keep the technique part down what I found the hardest with this WOD was the gripping of the bar

  9. Worked on squat depth with dowel overhead – managed to get down to a 10lb plate + med ball

    WOD: 10:32 at 50lb – learned the hard way to keep my head out of the way when doing jerks!

  10. wod 14:49, did 100 lbs for deadlift and 70 for hang power cleans and jerks, definitely hard on the grip!

  11. Did modified DT: 40lb bar for DL’s:2x15lb KB for HPC;2x5lb plates for jerks.
    Strength was just not there today…was surprised that these little itty bitty weights made me sweat…thanks Greg for figuring out how to get it going for me…

  12. WOD – 14 and change – forgot to write exact time down – however it was one of the few, no make that the first time I finished before Sherri.

    Used 70lbs for all – first two rounds of DL the timing was off due to the light weight – but I certainly felt it during the Hangs and Jerks
    Jerks were good as I seemed to get under the bar better – made it much easier

    OHS – this is going to be one of those movements that will make me grey – no make that greyer – again very frustrating – need to work on mobility for this

  13. …feeling better about deadlifts (thanks Greg!). Haha they’re probally still my least fav though. Can I switch them for burpees!? 😛

  14. 14:21 as Rx’d.. I’m feeling the hangs right now

  15. Worked on technique ,used 40lb bar (up from dowel)today , felt the jerks most, do feel my dead lifts and Hangs have improved, was a good workout for me , Thanks Greg .

  16. hahaha Chris, I knew you were going to say that! Just remember, I was 30 lbs heavier on the deadlifts and it was only 20 seconds lol