Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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00:00 – 00:15 – Warm Ups

00:15 – 00:20 – Set Up for WOD… be efficient because KELLY doesn’t like to wait!


5 rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run
30 Box Jumps,  24/20
30 Wall Balls (20, 14)

Post Scores and Comments

We will begin creating a tiered WOD format that will be based on experience and duration of attendance.

Today will be a taste of that.

Scaled Kelly

5 Rounds

200 metre run
30 Box Jumps (tire/plates)
30 Wall Balls (reduced weight/sub squats)

We have a lot of new people and instead of guessing what to scale, we’ll do it for you and if you kick butt we’ll upgrade you.
Feedback is essential. Let us know if this helps a bit.



    I almost puke on a smoker at the bus stop.

    Thanks Jon, Nics, and Michelle for sticking around for me, my time sucked but I am still very happy to say for the first time I RXed a workout!!!

    50:31 RX!!!!!!!!! Kelly Non Scaled

  2. Great Job pushing through this morning guys. I was impressed by your determination. Today was a double Wendler day for me.

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  4. I also decided to double up on Wendler today, as I didn’t do one yesterday, and 5 minutes wasn’t going to cut it today. That being said, after yesterday’s WOD, Wendler and I didn’t get along either. My squat AMRAP on a week of 5s was 1, and my press wouldn’t go up at all. I think I’ll be repeating this week starting Monday.

    Nick D and Ryan though.. those guys are crazy! Pushing through the mental anguish on these long ones is rough, and they both did it Rx’d to boot. Great job guys!

  5. Good job lunch crew! This was a huge WOD!

    Deadlifts: 5×3
    warmup: 130×5, 180×5
    work: 220×3, 240×3, 260×3, 280×3, 300×3

    8 minutes of the Couch Stretch (4m/leg, 1m at a time)

  6. Scaled Kelly:
    200 m row
    30 step-ups on tire
    30 air squats
    Time – 20:07

    Great job by everyone at lunch – all around the 20 – 30 minute mark.

  7. Very disappointed with my time, but so happy I pushed through till the bitter end.

    WOD = 39:16 (200m/ box/ 10 lbs med ball)

    I slipped on the box during my 3rd round and hardcore scraped my shins. After a little “suck it up Beverly!” minute (or two haha), I jumped back on the horse.

    I have never been so bruised (good ones from cleans yesterday) and beaten up… feel like a true crossfitter now hahah

    AWESOME work tonight 6 o’clockers 🙂

  8. Way to go Ryan…Ors first RX is something for us to be proud of…. Kelly was tough and seemed to never end. Poor Johny boy had a long wait for us this am but we got it done finally. Thanks Michelle\Nick\Jon for being great chearleaders this am…Mr puky was close by…

  9. This was a mental battle man….just go go go…6am and 6pm crews were deadly. I was so impressed that people just nutted up and got it done.


    Not sure I’ll see folks for the next few days or so, have a good Canada day weekend!

  10. Kelly – WTF happened in your life that you have to make ours crappy. lol

    I see that Diane is next and last week some other bitch – I am going to be wearing a cup with these because I feel like I was kicked in the nuts.
    Every part of my legs ache

    WOD – 41:10 rx’d
    Broke down WB’s in sets of 5 – made it, if I may say so, a bit easier.
    Great job Beverly in sucking it up and not letting Kelly win.