Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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00:00 – 00:15 – Warm Up

00:15 – 00:30 – Deadlifts 4 x 4 reps

00:30 + “DIANE”

21 – 15 – 9
Deadlifts (225/155)
Handstand Push Ups

Post score and comments

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  1. Wow what a sweat this morning…….
    Diane scaled, deadlifts 155 / handstand pushups with bench 10:27
    put my number up for max deadlift at 310lbs YAY! Need to work my grip tho….

    Feeling great post workout anticipate some pain tomorrow morning…lol

  2. Devon killed this thing this morning – and no Pukey!

    WOD 10:55

    Shoulders are still wrecked from Monday, so the HSPUs were extra torturous. I started off with the jolly jumper, but scaled that down to knees on the box after 3 reps. Deadlifts as Rx’d – which makes this a PR (even though it is a full minute slower than last time). That minute probably could have been made up had I not spent so much time trying to figure out where I was going to do my HSPU after giving up the jolly jumper.

  3. WOD 10:38 This felt better then expected considering I could barely move this morning. Deadlifts rx’d (went great) and HSPU off the bench (very shaky). I am looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD

  4. Hey, there was no appointment necessary


    Sorry I couldn’t be there I was really excited about this one… I had to be in Moncton for 8:30 thought… 🙁

  6. I’m going to get all statsy….

    WOD: 12:25 (PR! by 0:20)
    Abmat as a riser for HSPUs

    May 18, 2011
    12:45 w/ Abmat as a riser for HSPUs
    Feb 25, 2011
    WOD: 15:45
    HSPU: 21 round with 25lb plate, 15 & 9 rounds with 25+15lb plates
    Bodyweight: 195lbs
    September 21, 2010
    Deadlifts: 180lbs
    HSPU: 3&4-band Jolly Jumper
    Bodyweight: 175lbs

  7. WOD – Scaled Diane 3:26
    DL’s – 225#
    HSPU – Tires

    Going to have to bite the bullet and have my seven year old girls show me how to do a proper hand stand.

  8. Yes Ray you do!

  9. WOD 8:05
    Deadlifts @ 100lb
    HSPU off box with 45lb plate on top

    PR’d my deadlift @ 140 lb

  10. Glad to see you guys aren’t slacking off without me! Haha! Having a good time, first full day spent in Salzburg, Sound of Music tour tomorrow then off to Vienna on Friday (hello Crossfit Vienna!!)
    I have to say, the food they have been feeding us has not been Paleo – a lot of pasta, bread, and salty meats and soups, and my body is NOT impressed. Really realizing how much what you eat affects you!
    Try to have fun without me (I know it must be tough) and I’ll be sure to send an update about my international Crossfit experience!!

  11. Hey Sue T. nice job!

  12. wod: 6:39 / weight rx’d / hspu on bench

    last diane i had on the white board was 8:? so a pretty good pr… YAY!!

    • Did Diane today at 6pm.
      It been a long week and eating like shit has been taking it’s toll on me.
      Not only eating crap, but not eating barely at all throughout day.
      I have been feeling like crap….and today I performed like crap.

      First round went ok. Second and third I shit the bed.

      Ended up a 1:10 OVER my PR

      Back to Paleo I go

  13. diane scaled way down, 60 lbs ;pushups time 6:47
    I think I will do next deadlifts with more weight and up the ante..feel good..back of my legs and ass sore..means did it right 🙂
    Way to go boys and girls was fun tonight…

  14. Deadlifts warmup – 4 each @140, 160, 170, 190

    DIANE – 8:00 – 190 and tires for HSPU
    Both PR’s – last one on May 18th – 11:06 – 180 and tires.
    And this was after Kelly yesterday. First set of DL’s my legs were a bit shaky.

  15. 6:56 as Rx’d.. Is it a bad sign when your legs cramp while doing HSPU??? haha

  16. @ Sherri

    You dont hear me saying anything about using 35lbs more on this one

    just saying :)) lol

  17. WOD = 8:47, started with 155 for first set and part of second set, moved to 140. Handstands off the bench on knees. That was a killer first workout for me after the week and half off. PB on PowerCleans of 110. Very sore and tired today! But I feel good about it. Leah – i feel your pain about the salty meat – Kendra and I were served that for 10 days while in Sweden this time last year for Team Canada – for breakfast! Oh – along with cold hard boiled eggs. LOL