Dragon Boat Festival August 27, 2011

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The Dragon Boat Festival is fast approaching and we have secured a spot on the list. We need to come up with a name and fund raising strategies.

One strategy that we are considering is based on a rule we already have in place. Upon each utterance of the word CAN’T, you will be asked to donate $10 to the Dragon Boat team…. hmmm there’s some motivation to drop the word from your vocabulary…

We need to have 25 team members commit to the team…. there’s a big word…COMMIT. We will want to have spares in case of any emergency losses.

It’s $1000 to register a team. And of course surplus funds raised would always be welcomed by the organization.

So, we need a name by June 17th, and Fund Raising strategies by same date.

Everyone interested please post ASAP.

2011 Fundraising Project


  1. I was thinking something like …
    CrossFit Firebreathers!
    but it would be great to have something a little more extreme or obnoxious for lack of a better term

  2. I am in

  3. In.

  4. I’m in so long as we crush the ITD Digital Dragons 😛

  5. In that fun spirit-of-the-competition kind of way of course!

  6. Mike – I thought of the EXACT same name! We should go with it seeing how it ties in directly with CrossFitters and Dragons. I’m all for it!

    Oh, and I’m in as well.

    So, we get 25 people….that’s a meager $40/person to raise. This is very easy so I don’t think we’d have to come up with too many big ideas. Here’s mine:

    The CrossFit Car-Wash: Washin’ Cars for Time

  7. OMG a car wash would be so much fun! I am definitely in for a car wash!!

  8. I love dragons. I’m in.

  9. I like Greg’s idea…wash car for time!

    I’m in for an idea Chris W had as well…very easy but I’ll mess it up trying to explain so I’ll wait for him to describe it.

    50/50 are easy too.

    We do need to submit the $$$ ASAP so let’s get some more ideas flowing and put them into effect immediately.

  10. I’m In

  11. I’m soo in

  12. After Chris’ comments on my rowing today, I’m in as well.

  13. i am unable to attend… my daughter is getting married that weekend! however i will help with fundraising

  14. Oops, I meant the rowing comments from Nick A not Chris 😛

  15. August 27… I’m maybe in?? I really want to be in, so this could be good goal; if I’m not quite up to snuff I can be the drummer…I’ve got mad skillz.

  16. Erika you’re in for sure!

    Working on a plan to sell raffle tickets for some fundamentals courses…more on it next week.

  17. Already on a team at work.

  18. Hey Mike
    Sara and I are both still interested just message me the details regarding any fundraising etc,

  19. In

  20. Ok…details about registration.

    Team registration is $1000
    25 member team
    That’s $40 each.
    This money can be raised any way possible so you can cover your part of the fee. The money raised if not tax deductible if it’s intended for registration fee.
    So any donations collected to cover your own expense is not receiptable…
    anything over that is.

    so a 50/50 or raffle is nothing to worry about…
    but if you approach work and they give you a lump sum…then we will make sure it’s official….

    That being said, I believe the easiest way would be to have everyone pay $40 and recover their cost by raising money anyway possible and go by the honor system to turn in any extra money that will be forwarded to the event’s organizers.

    Does all this make sense?? I need caffeine and affraid to proof read at this time.

  21. keep in mind if we want tshirts we will find the cheapest way of doing that…hopefully it’ll be around $10 per person for them…and there’s a kick ass design for them that Sherri’s come up with….

    Team name: CrossFit Saint John Firebreathers.

  22. I’m in…

  23. In

  24. Of course I am in

  25. In…I’ll even bring my own cheering section.