Thursday, June 30, 2011

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00:00 – 00:15 – Warm Up

00:15 WOD # 1

Pair up with someone who will do the counting for you
In 5 minutes, complete:
30 Power Cleans (135, 95)

Score is number of GHDs completed.

Then WOD # 2
15 – 12 – 9

  • Pistols – left leg
  • Pistols – right leg
  • Toes to bar
  • Broad jumps (6’/4′ – Pick a mat, guys just length/ladies just width)

Post times and comments

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  1. Cool WOD day. I should be in at noon tomorrow.

  2. Just finished up my fundamentals! Stoked to get going. Completed a 500m Row in 1:30.4….beat most of the times on the wall. (just saying)

    • Chris forgot to mention in his introduction that he got his first strict muscle up as well.

      He’s coming at noon if anyone wishes to say hi and throw stuff at him.

      Great job Chris!

  3. Good Job morning crew

    Almost stayed with Michelle on the first WOD she beat my by 2!!!


    Legs were garbage for the second WOD, 13:24

  4. Ryan kept a good pace, considering how much Michelle loves both power cleans and situps! He fell behind by those 2 reps pretty early, but didn’t let her get another in on him. Awesome work!

    Devon, your daughter is crazy. I’ll be lucky if I can walk to my car tonight, and she’s planning on 2 more workouts today.

    The power cleans took me nearly 4 minutes, which is far slower than it ever should have been.

    WOD 1: 26 As Rx’d

    The hard part of the second WOD was easily left-legged pistols, which is saying a lot considering how rough toes to bar can be. During the WOD I string no more than 3 toes to bar together – afterward, I managed 6, and could have kept going. I need to work on stringing them during a WOD.

    WOD 2: ?15:?? as Rx’d (forgot to look at my time)

  5. WOD #1 – 2
    So not happy with that result, I need to work on my technique for the power cleans as I was pretty much just backwards curling most of my 30 reps I’m sure.

    WOD #2 – 9:??
    My result here indicated to me I wasn’t tired enough and didn’t try hard enough in the first workout, because of my problem with shin splints I also avoided the broad jumps. Instead opting for a squat with a 20 pound ball.

    Might go in tonight and try to improve that score for WOD #1

    Brianna really enjoyed it, and did really well. Shes at combat fitness as a write this, she invited me to come along and try it…I laughed and pushed her out the door.,…lol

  6. Ah to be young again…but apparently she gets enough rest to recoup from all the working out lol…
    Hope she comes back for more…Give dad some more motivation to keep shredding it up

  7. WOD #1 – 30 CJ 135# and 86 GHD’s @Rx’d
    WOD #2 – 8:32

    Improper pistol technique killed my knee (and time) on that WOD. As usual practice, practice, practice! Go figure. :o)

    Have a great long weekend everyone!

  8. wod 1: 81 GHD’s
    wod 2: 8:39

    oh my knees are definitely going to be feeling this one for a few days… thank goodness it’s a long weekend…

    Great job by everyone this evening!!

    have a great and safe holiday weekend everyone!!

  9. WOD 1: 32 Abmat sit ups
    WOD 2: 6:28??
    Had to sub step ups on tire for pistols, leg raises instead of t2b, and squats with a 14lb med ball instead of broad jumps

    And Leah is missing Crossfit terribly!

  10. Went back in tonight to take another crack at WOD 1 , much better this time, lowered the weight to 90lbs for the power cleans and was able to complete 30 GHD situps….. really need to work on technique so its gonna be scaled down even more for me until I can nail them right.

    Did my 500 M Row afterwards in liu of the WOD #2 1:46 was my time and only felt like puking after a couple good gags Sherri decided to keep her distance…lol

    Thank you Sherri for pushing me I’m sure my time would have been over 2 minutes without you telling me not to stop, cause go knows I wanted to…lol

  11. WOD 1 – 42 – PC 80lbs – hip flexors were mighty sore after this one

    WOD 2 – 13:49 – assisted pistols; knees to chest/hips after 21 round

    Was a little wobbly when I went food shopping after.
    Great job Devon on the second go round – from 2 to 30 is fantastic.