Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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00:00 – 00:15 – Warm Up

00:15 – 00:30 – Squat Snatch 5 x 3 reps

00:30 + WOD

AMRAP 12 of:
3 Deficit Handstand Push ups (use 45# plates)
6 Squat Snatches (95, 65)
9 Box Jumps (30, 24?)

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Article:  What most women do WRONG!

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  1. Woke up @ 6:05, jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom, then into the car. Sorry everyone for showing up @ 6:30.

    No water before the wod, and minimal warm up were not kind. Spent most of the wod on my bum after failed snatches.

  2. Still good t see you and Michelle, nick.

    I got 5 rounds + 9 using 85 pounds (thought I had the 50 pound bar)
    Box jumps rx’d (yay but shins are killing me now…lol)
    Deficit hspu using bench.

  3. Stayed close to Devon, dude is a beast with weight though

    Also got 5 rounds +3 only with 70 pounds though
    Those double tires looked crazy I didn’t think there was any way in hell I could land them but I did, I still remember trying a box jump the first time and it killing me!!

  4. You guys busted your butts today, I loved the intensity! I got to say too I looked over at one point and Maddy was throwing that weight up there like it was no one’s business!!

    Awesome morning folks, you guys made my day!

  5. Being a 1/2 hour late, I focused on doing my Wendler presses during the WOD and then worked on Squat snatch technique, my body was still asleep. Sorry for showing up so late.

    Awesome Job morning crew. Maddy was on fire and the Guys tackled the 30″ box jumps for the first time.

  6. Pre-WOD: Snatch 5×3
    Warmup: Burgener Warmup, BARx5
    Work: 70×3, 90×3, 110×3, 130×3

    Didn’t get to the last set. I think I would have topped out around 140-145×3.

    WOD: 5 Rounds + 1 HSPU
    HSPU deficit was with 10lb plates
    Snatch was 90lbs instead of 95lbs…forgot the 2.5s…oops

    3m (each) Ankle band-distraction to the front
    2m (each) Ankle band-distraction to the back

  7. Thanks, guys! It was good to be back after the week or so break! 🙂 everyone killed it today. Maybe next time I’ll do less drop kicking and more jumping onto the box.

  8. I noticed something new today, On the 2nd round I was having a hard time catching my breath, as I pushed through the breathing came easier (altho with a bit of a stitch in my side) This is the first time I’ve experienced what seemed to be a little extra lung capacity.

  9. WOD: (Scaled) 4 Rounds +1
    Squat Snatch @ 70# (this is the diabolically evil sister of the OHS!)
    HSPU Tires
    Tire Jumps 30″

    Hip and ankle mobiity with Gregg after because it’s just a smart thing to do.

  10. I found that too Devon, it was hard at first to keep pushing through when you feel that ‘i can’t breath sensation’ BUT it sure does get easier once you figure out you’re not going to seize up lol…

    I read that article too and boy nothing could be truer! I’ve done that before only to have all the weight come back and then some. I can’t say it enough how much i love being a crossfitter and the changes i’ve seen and still continue to see. Although, i’m sure Gary would like to see me stop buying clothes at some point lol…

  11. 6 + 4 as rx’d. Good job evening crew!

  12. 5+ 15 as Rx’d squat snatches were poor at best

  13. WOD – 5 rounds + 3
    used 80 lbs; 2 x 35 plates on box for HSPU and same for box jumps.
    The box jumps were a bit higher than 24″.
    This one really put a sweat on: after completion realized that 80lb snatch was my PR – So I did all the snatches with my last PR weight 🙂
    Warm up – did some dowel squat snatch moevements, then with bar. Need to work on mobility more.
    Starting tomorrow I will use Wednesday as mobility day.

    • Worked on Sq snatch.
      Warm up – 75, 85, 95
      Work – 115, 130(pr), 140, 150….and time for WOD
      A lot of work to do here. Kept going to toes approaching bottom, I could have kicked a child (jk)

      6+1 rounds. Sq Snatches @ 95 are not easy for me despite being strong enough to throw weight around. I too need work on mechanics first.

      I am really happy to see the proper mentalities in our spot. No egos, and no conflict with coaches about weight selection or scaling. We are here to be safe then intense and our coaches have been doing a great job making sure you all can keep coming back for more

  14. WOD = 6+2
    HPU off bench w/ 45s (hahah thanks Mike for the help up on the 3rd of round 5 when I didnt think I’d make ‘er back up… I swear these arn’t any easier than the first time I tried them)
    Snatch w/ bar (gotta work on that technique)
    Box (traumatized hahah need it to be against the wall)

    …I’m gettin’ there hahah

    Awesome work by the 5 o’clockers =)