Dragon Boat Team… Time to step up

Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in WOD | 6 comments

Time to step up the sales on the fundraising tickets. If you don’t have any, we will get you some, if you have some, sell them and get some more. It’s an easy way for us to raise some money, but only if everyone does their part. The draw is only 2 weeks away.

It looks like the T Shirts will come in somewhere around $15. Didn’t want to make that decision without putting it out there first. Apparently black with our design will not be ideal unless we spend more money to outline the graphic. So white was proposed.

And if you haven’t paid your registration fee, please do so. We’ll be taking a look at the list today to sort out who’s holding out.

We might have someone coming in for a DB team meeting to show proper paddling technique for the event….

The more I hear about this event the more excited we get….it’s going to be a blast!


  1. White is better for a sunny day anyway, and $15 sounds fair.

    • Hey Lisa. I believe we have a tent on lockdown along with a huge bbq.
      But we’ll definitely keep that in mind.

      And T shirts sizes – sooner than later, for both you and your wh… Friend lol

  2. Mike – when do you have to know t-shirt sizes by? Also – do you have a ‘tent’ site assigned for the event? If so , and you require one, I have a 10×10 pop up gazebo tent. There are no sides, but it can provide some shelter from the hot sun we will experience that day! Just let me know.

  3. HAHAHAHA I feel so out of touch! Didn’t know all this was going on…ticket sales, t-shirts etc….what do I need to do? I am on vacay next week. I could stop by and pick up whatever….KJ

  4. @Kendra – I have a set of ten tickets left for the 50-50 draw. Everythign you need to know is on the envelope. I can leave them for you or you can pick them up when I am there at 6pm.
    That would take care of all the tickets.
    All help is appreciated

  5. I will get Lisa to pick them up for me since I won’t be there when doors are open this month….