Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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Happy Birthday Coach Greg!

00:00 – 00:15 – Warm Up

00:15 – 00:30 – Front Sq 5 x 3 reps (increasing weight)

00:30 + WOD

“P!ssed Off”

50 – 35 – 20

  • Pull Ups
  • Burpees (clap over head/leave ground or it’s a no rep)

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  1. can i say OMG!

  2. why yes you can and i’ll join you… OMG!!

  3. This one felt like it was fun……20 minutes after I finished. its weird how that works, because it didn’t feel fun when I was doing it.
    WOD 25:51. My Arms were jello at the end of this.

  4. Update from Austria:

    The NBYO gave a glorious performance last night at the festival awards gala in the world famous Musikverien in Vienna.

    More impotantly, I went to Crossfit Vienna yesterday and today and it was fantastic! Yesterday was frog stand to headstand work, presses and “beach body” work (tabata hollow rocks, superman & side planks). An “easy” day since they had done Eva the day before. Then today was King Kong with 1 x heavy deadlift, 2 x muscle up, 3 x heavy clean, & 4 x HSPU. Used 70 & 40 kgs for the lifts, 3 x dips & pullups for the MUs and HSPUs toes on box, but over shoulders. Time: 7:30

    have a couple of pics of their sweet gym to share when I get home!

    Can’t wait to see you all on Monday!

  5. Congrats Leah! Travel safe!

  6. Beating of the day time was 32 minutes and change, please forgive me for not knowing exactly what my time was, the sweat was burning my eyes and my vision was blurred….. I used a number 4 band and jon (thank you so much) added a number 2 band for my second round, so thats like a number 6 band…lol

  7. It was a sweaty dizzy shirtless shoeless tattooed approach to crossfit this morning! The AM session is getting effin intense!!

  8. Congrats Leah on such great performances! Have been reading in the local paper what a great job NBYO has been doing. Not looking forward to this workout today at 5 – but I’m going because I hate burpees.

  9. Tough WOD, had to do jumping pu’s cause of the wrist but I did it in 15:21.

    the 35 round was awful

  10. Ever notice how the innocuous looking WOD’s are the ones that end up kicking your butt?

    Team atmosphere was awesome today pushing people to the finish line. Great job everyone!

    WOD 20:02 @ Rx’d

  11. Normally I post earlier, but I am just now able to raise my arms, when I got home it was a race to wash my hair and shave before my arms completely gave out.

    Good thing the workout wasn’t any longer Devon would have ended up naked… haha

    25:45, using a #3 band

  12. Happy Birthday Greg! Did you do your tire flips?

  13. No WOD for me today…just the Front Squats and me Tire Flips.

    Front Squats: 5×3
    warmup: 10 Squats, BARx5, 90×5, 110×3
    work: 125×3, 145×3, 175×3, 195×3, 215×3 (PR for a triple)

    33 Tire Flips: 1:37

    Now, off to Splash for some recovery food!!

  14. Off on vacation and having a hard time getting in with the 2 little ones at my side… Should be back for Monday…. See you soon.

  15. wod 18:49, used band for pull ups… this was fun but omg tough… girls rocked it this evening!!

    PR’d on front squat.
    Prev 1 rep max was 120

    tonight did 3 x 120 and
    3 x 130!!

  16. No WOD tonite – just did the warmup and some shoulder mobility

    Front Squat – 3 x 120 (PR), then 130, 140 – previous PR was 100.
    Need oil for the knees as they were awfully noisy – been a while since I did front squats.

    6pm women rocked this one.
    It’s tough just doing Mobility and watching everyone – you just want to join in the fun.

  17. I feel more tired and wacked out than when I do a WOD…i hate it …hate it…hate it not being able to play…Wow!!! those girls sure did rock ‘N roll baby…Ashley did great..and Ninja and powerhouse Amy…yikes… 🙂

  18. WOD – 22:13 using 4+1 bands