Thursday, July 7, 2011

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00:00 – 00:15 – Warm up and mobilize shoulders

00:15 + Get the following done efficiently

Press – 5 x 1 rep 

Push Press – 5 x 3 reps

Push Jerk – 5 x 5 reps

Increase weight every set.

Post weights to comments

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  2. Excited for people to do this one!

  3. My game of WOD roulette seems to have worked in my favour !!

  4. I am too! Chris A wins the WOD

  5. You are going down tonight Chris A…I’m getting jacked on Rockstars and Snickers Bars to give me the competitive edge 🙂

  6. hahaha… lmao too funny

  7. Sweet workout today, folks with the usual morning intensity. Devon did a great job pushing through that last not with his sore wrist. I should have written down the weight I used throughout because now I can’t remember haha, but I do know my last few sets of push press were at 80 and my last few sets of push jerks were at 85… I’ll do a better job recording next time

  8. Maddy I thought you had 95 for the last set…?

  9. Great workout, really liked this one, good for focusing on the movements.

    I still don’t think I have the Press jerks down properly so I had to go down in weight but I was happy with my numbers.


  10. That’s some high quality fuel there Mike!

  11. And I don’t think he’s joking! 😀

    (pssst…I saw those Rockstars on the table by the stereo last night 😉 )

  12. That Rockstar was from an emergency stash…but haven’t touched a Snickers bar since before the Paleo challenge.

  13. I wanna do this again!!!!

    Started with 90 for the first set and increased to 130 for the last set for all 3 exercises, Arms were dead tho from P!SSED OFF yesterday… hopefully get another crack at this one soon, Felt great!!!

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  15. My Favorite kind of Workout.

    I did my Wendler dead-lifts first and then powered through the presses.


  16. Check out this video on Urban Fit:

  17. or this guy, holy crap…

  18. Press: 110-120-130-140-147.5(f) = 140
    Push Press: 150-155-160-165-170(f) = 165
    Push Jerk: 150(f)-130-135-140(f)-140 = 140

    This is a much more demanding workout that it appears. By the time the Push Jerks (I chose to do Split Jerks) came up, my shoulders were just tired. That whole round was a cluster-fvck, even WITH the lightened load.

  19. I love press day, even after yesterdays nasty shoulder blaster!

    Worked up to all my previous one rep max PR weights and repped out there. Felt great and should set up for a good shot at new one rep max weights in the near future.

    Good luck night crew!

  20. Have fun today guys! So pumped to get back on Monday!!
    I miss playing WOD roulette! Our tight schedule meant I was going in Vienna regardless of the WOD, but it still worked out well for me!
    Heading to Frankfurt tomorrow then heading home!!

  21. Great job by all the girls in at lunch today.
    Press: 65 lb
    Push Press: 70 lb
    Push Jerk: 60 lb

    I was disappointed not to be able to push jerk any higher than 60lb but by that time, my arms and shoulders were too tired to give their best – have to save the heavier weight for next time.

  22. Strict Press: 135/145/150/155(f)/155(f)
    Push Press: 155/165/185/195/205
    Push Jerk (I did split jerks): 135/145/155/165/185

    Strength work afterwards: 3×5 deads @ 315.

    Awesome workout! Great job to another big evening crew!

  23. Press – 135/155/185/200f/200
    Push Press- 155/185/205/220/240 failed with a 1rep max at 250.. next time
    Push Jerk- 135/145/155/165/185

    This WOD equals tired shoulders

  24. Greg, you’re a great coach! I appreciate your patience with me as I acted like a child because you wouldn’t let me do what I wanted haha

    I was excited (I was surprised to find a smile on my face) to put * kinda* high numbers (over 50 made me *kinda* happy haha) on the board. The 5 Push Jerks in a row were tough… Mike you would have been proud with the anger/aggression I had for the WOD tonight haha

    AWESOME work by all the night crew! =)

  25. Press – 60/70/80/90/110 (PR)
    Push Press – 80/90/110/120/130 (PR)
    Push Jerk – 80/90/100/110/120f

    Went in with plan to attempt new PR’s with last set – worked on the first two Presses – the last one did not go so well – arms were bit tired and just did not have proper form – Push Jerk PR is 125

  26. I am not a happy camper!!!!
    Found out what is wrong with this picure…stance lousy etc etc…I am going to buy that Can.Tire Bar so that I can practice technique..bending backwards too much and noooo strenght. The normal bar is too heavy for me to use for practice and the dowel does not do the trick
    press-15/20/40/40/45…4 KB’s 1 bar
    Push Press-15/15/20/20/40….4 KB’s ..1 bar
    Push Jerk-15/15/20/40/45…3 KB’s ..2 bars

  27. Nice job Chris W on the PRS. MP pretty soon.the bar will ne too light, but having a to practice with will help.

  28. Thanks Michelle 🙂

    MP will get there – patience is not her strong point – so keeping her level headed and in check is always going to be a challenge
    It is great that she wants to do things, all things considered, she is doing fantastic