Monday, July 11, 2011

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0 – :15 Warm Up

:15 – Tabata Handstand Holds – 8 rounds 20/10 sec of being upside down. Only heels to be touching the wall, no other part of the body.

:30 + WOD

3 Rounds

  • 400 m run
  • 25 Push Press (70/40)
  • 25 Box Jumps (24/20)

Post score and comments

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  1. Good work this morning guys! It was nice to meet John from Crossfit Moncton and have Jenn back. Box jumps and running my two favorite things in one WOD… 19:02 using the tire instead of the box for the box jumps.

  2. So pumped to do this tonight!!! Can’t wait to be back!! See you all at 5! 😀

  3. CF-SJ WUx1

    Tabata Handstands (x8 20:10sec)

    WOD: 3rds for time
    400m run
    25 push press 70#
    25 BJs 24″

    Thanks Jonny for great coaching and encouragement. and great to meet all of you this morning – maybe see u next Monday!!

  4. It feels great to be back!!!! After 2 weeks of bad eatting and lazing around the beach it was hard to get my body moving again lol

    WOD: 13:??
    tabata handstands were quite the head rush

  5. Good WOD to start off the week!

    [1] Tabata Handstand Holds (heels only on wall) – good times!!!

    [2] WOD: 12:05 Rx’d

    [3] Post-WOD Mobility: Couch Stretch – 5 minutes per side

  6. 12:27 with hand release pushups subbed for push presses. yup, nice monday wod.

  7. WOD = 17:05 *First WOD @ Rx’d I do believe =D

    I fell really good about this one… it wasn’t so hard that I wanted to passout at the end, but it was still and awesome workout 🙂

    My runs are getting so much better… I didn’t walk at all today. I’m still a little timid of the box, but Amy and Ben gave me some tips to be more comfortable.

    Its nice to have a good crowd to workout with. Nice work tonight 5 o’clockers!

  8. Loved the handstand holds… though by round 8 my shoulders were definitely a little shakey!

    WOD: 16 mins RX’d! Runs were brutal, as always… especially after box jumps!

  9. Due to my mishap on Sunday with putting my right leg through the floor…Amy would not allow me to row….so here is my WOD today
    3 rounds: 10 15sec planks (right knee too tender to touch floor);25 10lb9each arm push press and 26 step ups..14:21…did okay…wish i could have rowed…like the rowing

  10. Well I got a couple handstands in for the full 20 seconds….

    On the WOD I Rowed instead of the run and used 60lbs for push presses, and 20 inch box jumps, completed in 19:?? sorry I always forget the seconds…

    This week I’ll be doing the 6PM workouts YAY!

    Back to the 6AM workouts next week.

  11. Used the ledge/counter by the office for Handstands – nothing like making the shoulders sore before a push press in a WOD.

    WOD – 21:45 Rx’d
    Should have scaled down for speed but wanted to do this one for a benchmark.
    Anytime I can do a WOD as Rx’d I will.

    Will do my b’day tire flips on Wednesday. Would not have been good doing them today.

  12. 10:54 as rx’d. Trying to catch Chris A. on the presses was like running head on towards a moving train and expecting a good result. Great work evening crew!

  13. 18:45 as Rx’d I hate running but my motivation for getting through this was” At least its not 7 Helen’s.

  14. Tabata handstands – that is the first time I have done handstands since my teen years! I surprised myself because after a couple of false starts, I managed to get up and stay up with only my heels on the wall.

    Subbed rowing for running as usual though it makes the WOD even more brutal on the arms.
    Weight as rx’d
    Step ups on tire instead of box jumps
    Time – 16:31