Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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0 – :15 – Warm Up

:15 – : 25 – Work on Shoulder Flexibility/Elbow Position – We all need to work on getting our elbows up!

:25 – CrossFit Football WOD

On the minute:

Perform 2 Power Cleans on the minute for 15 minutes.

*Start the clock. At the top of every minute perform 2 Power Cleans.
*Use 80% – 85% of 1 RM Power Clean
*For every rep not completed, perform 5 burpees during rest time.

Post load and total rounds completed to comments.

MP and Chris loving the barbell roll outs

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  1. Awesome!!!

  2. Crossfit Football! Yay!

  3. Posting at 1:30am – don’t think we’ll be seeing Ben during the 6:00am session today either!

  4. I did this with 100lb (87%). It was really great to work on my clean Technique. Thanks Jon for the tips. I need to work on getting my elbows up faster.

  5. 100lbs (80%) for me as well, got though it with no burpees YAY!!!!

  6. Well that was interesting

    I did it with 90lb, seemed a bit light but it was good for working on Technique. I had no idea what my max was so after I worked that out and it was 115lb, so it turns out the 90lb was pretty close to my 80%. Still need to work on the motion though.

  7. Haha… yeah the home run derby was on last night so I definitely didn’t go to bed early. Looks like people are killing this, I’m excited to get in there and do it tonight!

  8. Pre-WOD:
    2 minutes per side of Shoulder Band Stretch
    3 x 10 each of 3-position lacrosse ball tack & stretch on the ol’ Traps

    165lbs for the first 20 reps
    180lbs for the last 10 reps

    Practiced some finer points of a new (to me) technique with 180lbs afterwards.

  9. Any linkable information on this “new” technique?

  10. Negative Nick…it’s from Everett’s Oly book. It builds on a lot of stuff from the Olympic Lifting Cert we went to in PEI last summer.

  11. because of the wrist I did this doing the knees to feet with a weight vest on to a 45 and 15 lb plate platform. after I thought taking off the weight vest felt good so I played with max box jump. I got up to 51″ (don’t think this is a PR) but if you ever feel like playing with it, we started some markings on the back post by the weights. Set it up and record what you jump!

  12. Used 190lbs for the WOD played around afterwards got up to 230

  13. Used 190 for the wod, awesome wod!

  14. WOD – 110 for the first 7 rounds – then increased to 120 for the rest

    New PR – 135lb after finishing – failed at 140 even though I had it up, did not get under the bar.

  15. This was awsome…cool WOD.started with 40 bar…up to 50 halfway…them did PR 60-70-75..got a feel for some of the motions now…great job everyone

  16. Didn’t know what my max power clean was, so started with 100 to get technique down, then started moving up in weight, last 6 reps were at 170, then set a pr of 185.

    Felt really good, thanks for the help MJ.

  17. Really enjoyed working on and learning proper technique on the clean tonight. Thanks Greg for all the pointers. Went with 90 for most of the way then tried a few at 110. PR on 140. Fun…