Thursday, July 14, 2011

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0 – :15 Warm Up

:15 Mobilize Hips and Legs + WOD

Clean and Jerk

Back Squat

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  1. BOOYAH!!!!!

    Can’t wait for this!!!

  2. Looks like a fun one….

  3. Nice!

  4. I want to do this one so bad. I destroyed my hands with tonight’s but I’ll nut it up to see what happens

    Bring the intensity to this one people!

  5. I have to work late tomorrow!

  6. I;m excited!

  7. You are excited cause you drank a Rockstar at 8pm…. even I don’t do that one! lol

  8. Love mornings like this! I did my back squats first and got 95-100-105-110-115, then did my clean and jerks. I got 60-70-75-85-95-100. After the 95 I tried 100 and missed, so dropped back down a bit to work on some technique then eventually got the 100

  9. Nice PR Maddy! I think there’s even more in there!

  10. I wish I was there to do the WOD today 🙁

    Anyone interested???

    Drop-In Rock Climbing Lessons at Rockwood Park

    DayTripping is excited to now be offering drop-in rock climbing lessons at Rockwood Park.

    Thursday, July 21st, 6pm-7:30pm

    $15 taxes included
    (The equipment and the instructor are included in the price)

    Meeting Spot
    Come down to the rock wall across from the duck pond at Lily Lake

  11. That sounds like fun!!! As long as the weather agrees I’m in. What time do you want to meet for the movie tonight?

  12. C&J: 130-160-175(f)-X-X
    BS: 160-200-230-260-290-300(f)

    My shoulders were lighting up pretty bad on the C&Js so I stopped after my third (failed) attempt. Not happy about that. However, I PR’d my Back Squat (+5lbs) so at least there was some positive in the end!

    I went for 300lbs (6th single attempt) but didn’t get it…next time!

  13. Soooo, Mike informed me today of this comment section of the website, and I decided, as a “newbie”, to comment on my CROSSFIT experience so far (yes CROSSFIT deserves capitol letters) I am addicted! I have been working out at the Goodlife, spent a fortune on “personal trainers” and nothing I have done in the past, at least 8 years, has compared to CROSSFIT! I wish I would have joined earlier. Thank you so much to all of the inspirational, kick ass, motivators I get to work out with. I have even switched from a vegetarian diet to the paleo diet, extreme?, yes! But I feel like the paleo/CROSSFIT combo has been what I have been looking for all along… as you can tell I am quite pleased and excited… enough babbling… THANK YOU CROSSFIT for giving me a REAL F*ING workout… haha I will work on my aggression… (Good first post? I will keep it shorter in the future) TODAY… first back squat at CROSSFIT… maxed at 95lbs 🙂

  14. Goodmorning, 180 clean and jerk need to work on my technique a little out of practice. Back squat was a Pr this morning by 55lbs even though I stopped early. 290 for back squat thanks for all the help this am god to be back.

  15. I surprised myself today and did better than I expected considering I am sore and stiff from yesterday’s WOD. PR’d the clean & jerk and the back squat.

    C&J: 50-60-70-80(f)-75
    Back Squat: 75-80-90-100-105

  16. No WOD today – did my birthday tire flips – 54 of them – got pics Mike for proof
    Helped MP mobilize shoulder – no purple face today 🙂 – maybe I was not doing it right – lol

  17. yeah…I am still breathing…lol…as Chris said stretching & warm up day…can’t wait till tomorrow…..more fun…love it 🙂

  18. Awesome night

    C&J 95-120-140-150-160
    Back Squat 130-180-220-250-280

    I got ambitious and wanted to try 300 and it went really well. SO got my PR at 300.

    Awesome, feeling great too

  19. Wow! Great work yesterday people! Awesome work on the PR’s, it shows your getting stronger and/or putting better technique to work too. (just gonna add that Sue T. got 2 of them!)

    Love the comments from Sue F. too. Hey Sue I felt the same way when I discovered crossfit, it’s cool seeing people come in and go through the same discovery process I went through…also if you think paleo is extreme, I think vegetarianism is extreme, how can we eat one way for millions of years, then suddenly switch it then turn and call the paleo diet extreme?

    I think after labor day weekend we should have another 30 day paleo challenge. We’ll mix up the teams a bit….and get creative/competitive of course!