Sue F’s recent comment – July 14/11

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Soooo, Mike informed me today of this comment section of the website, and I decided, as a “newbie”, to comment on my CROSSFIT experience so far (yes CROSSFIT deserves capitol letters) I am addicted! I have been working out at the Goodlife, spent a fortune on “personal trainers” and nothing I have done in the past, at least 8 years, has compared to CROSSFIT! I wish I would have joined earlier. Thank you so much to all of the inspirational, kick ass, motivators I get to work out with. I have even switched from a vegetarian diet to the paleo diet, extreme?, yes! But I feel like the paleo/CROSSFIT combo has been what I have been looking for all along… as you can tell I am quite pleased and excited… enough babbling… THANK YOU CROSSFIT for giving me a REAL F*ING workout… haha I will work on my aggression… (Good first post? I will keep it shorter in the future) TODAY… first back squat at CROSSFIT… maxed at 95lbs