Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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15 mins – Warm Up

15 min + WOD

800 Meter Run
Wall Balls (20, 14)
Kettlebell Swings (70, 50)
800 Meter Run

At end of WOD – Mobilize and Stretch as a group.

Post scores and comments

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  1. Two runs in two days and my knees are shot. Lots of ice and foam roller time in my near future 🙁

    WOD: 19:05 Rx’d
    Actually the KBS were @55; ladies, the handle on the 55 is narrower and wasier to hold onto than the #50 🙂 thanks Nick for pointing that out!

  2. Ya two runs in two days sucks, wallballs also suck….

    Getting my KBS weight up, got up to 45 today


  3. My calves felt so rough today. It’s been a while since I actually hit one of the running WODS, so yesterday’s wreaked havoc on me. I was going to go in and just work on Snatches and front squats today, but decided to do the workout at the last minute.

    WOD: 16:25 as Rx’d I know I need to work on stringing the wallballs together a little better, but more than that I need to work with that big bell.

  4. 13:37 with 16lb Wallball & 55lb Kettlebell

    Post-WOD: 8 minutes of Ankle/Calf Mobility

    I bought some FatGripz and finally got to try ’em out today just for fun. My 1RM Deadlift is 350lbs with a normal barbell.

    I only completed 7 reps at 130lbs before my grip gave out!

    I only got up to 190lbs as a “FatGripz 1RM” – a 46% decrease!! WOW!

  5. 12:35 did a few wb’s with the 16lb ball and all the kb’s with the 60.

    Good times in the summer heat!

    I did no fatgripz.

  6. 13:43 for the WOD with rowing subbed for running, a 10 lb med ball, and a 30 lb kettlebell

  7. WOD- 11:59 @Rx’d

    Great night for running and swinging Kettle Bells around!!

  8. FYI This WOD is called Spider Zombie at CFNE.