Friday, July 22, 2011

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Reminder: Saturday we are closed.


15 mins – Warm Up. Partner up. Junk Yard Dog Warm Up.

  • One person sits on floor with arms straight out to side. Other jumps over arm, over legs, over other arm, turns around and repeats. Do this 10 times FAST. Switch places…repeat.
  • Next, over unders. One person on hands and knees, other jumps over them. Once person’s been jumped over, they pike their body so the other can crawl under. Repeat this 5 times each. As person piking…you’ll want to have your hands and feet close so you can get hips up high…or you’ll regret it.

25 mins +

Teams of 2 randomly selected.

Complete the following relay for time:

  • one partner runs 200 m, other partner does flutter kicks non-stop until first returns
  • switch roles


  • first partner runs 200m, other partner does push ups until first returns
  • switch roles


  • first runs 200m, other does ring rows until first returns
  • switch roles


  • first runs 200m, other does air squats until first returns
  • switch roles

Once partner returns through door on last round, time stops.

The goal is to finish WOD as fast as possible, but also accumulate as many repetitions as possible within the time your partner runs.

Post times and combined team scores

Marie Paul loving the burpees last night. Yeah Burpees!!!


  1. So how is this scored in terms of a winning team? Traditional CrossFit ranking system?

    Your team gets ranked by Time and by Reps: lowest total score wins?

    If you complete the WOD first (you get 1) but you accumulate the third most reps (you get 3) for a combined score of 4.

    • That sounds about right.

      • This morning I wrote down just the time and consolidated team scoring.

        To confirm flutter kick scoring, left/right = 1.

        I figured Greg would likely figure out a way to sort out an effective ranking system or logarithm to get an accurate statistical analysis of the various teams results based on both variables presented. The velocity of runs and the tenacity displayed throughout the partnered physical components will likely provide sufficient opportunity for Greg to determine not only their proper order within the facility, but also enable the determination of both average energy expenditure and …….WTF was in that Rockstar this morning lol.

        Greg….do your thing!

        Have a great day/weekend everyone!

        Great luck to our athletes going to Hopper Event in Moncton tommorrow.

        I’ll look forward to hearing about event

  2. YES!!!!…….my first team event….WOW !!! way cool

  3. This sounds fun!!!

  4. Very fun WOD 🙂
    Team Ryan & Jenn – time 11:09, score 370?

    Flutter kicks are really hard to count, I lost track once I got up over 100 🙁

    Good luck to everyone in the hopper tomorrow!!! I wish I could be there to cheer you on

  5. You did seem particularly energetic this morning Mike. I’ll assume this double post is due to a jittery clicking finger.

    This was a fun little workout to wrap up my 5 metcon week – no rest days. Sitting at work now my hips are still on fire, and my calves are knotted up!

    I honestly don’t know our time or score. Mike wrote it down, but I forgot to look – suffice to say Jenn and Ryan whooped us pretty good.

  6. So it’s Sherri, Chris W and Greg going to Moncton tomorrow. In terms of what we do it’s a pretty big deal and a really fun day! I hope everyone will help me in wishing them luck tomorrow!!

    Also good luck Mike and Amy this weekend, hopefully you bring back lots of good stuff for us!

  7. Sorry guys I won’t be in today, the body just needs a rest. This one looks super fun though. Maddy and I are going to be going up to Moncton tomorrow morning to watch the Hopper and if anyone is interested in joining us you are certainly welcome, just let me know by posting here. Great work on the wod so far guys, I’m sure the lunch and evening crews will kill it too!

  8. Pfff some team at 5 o’clock haha All by myself to do a team workout.
    Another lonley 5 on Friday… next week I have to think about comming in for 6…

    WOD = 12:?/ 276 (I’m a slow runner, so I thought it was a pretty good score)

    The hardest part was the flutter kicks; missed alot of reps on that one.
    It was a good workout though 🙂

    Good luck Greg, Sherri, and Chris W tomorrow!

  9. WOW…Kevin”Karate Kid” and MP “The Hipster” teamed up for the showdown at the CrossFit Corral and we came in a tie for 6th…yes….cool way to go team.
    Not capable to do flutters so Greg said to do a plank and I held a full straight arm plank for 67 sec…have the movie Mike. For the rest could not see what the hell was going on too much sweat in the eyes…LOL 🙂

  10. Time -13:30
    Score – 378
    With Kevin’s cold and my hips we did pretty good
    Scaled runs for 200M rows