Monday, July 25, 2011

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15 mins – Warm Up

15 – 30 mins – Burgener Warm Up (vide0)

WOD – “Heat Wave” – We did this Saturday in 42’c temp.


  • Hang Squat Snatch (95/65)
  • 10 Wall Balls

In teams of 2, one does HSS while other does the WBs. Once the WBs are done you come in and switch places with partner doing HSS. The score is the number of HSS completed.

Consistently keep back close, start from mid-thigh, big hip-drive, big shrug, elbows up high,  pull self under bar, snatch with arms locked, hips below parellel, drive up through heels, collect feet…. rep complete.

UPDATES PLEASE! How did our crew do in Moncton Saturday?


  1. This sounds awesome! 🙂 Congrats to Sherri, Greg and Chris for killing the Moncton hopper! Hope to be right along side you guys next year! I think we should try the WOD they did today sometime ( 800m run, 50 air squats, 30 hang power cleans 95/65, 45 situps, and 21 thrusters 95/65)

  2. Hopper Events – temp 34c
    800M Run
    50 Air Squats
    30 Hang Power Cleans
    45 Sit ups – legs flat – hands overhead to feet
    21 Thrusters
    I scaled the HPC to 75lbs and the thrusters 45lbs

    Time 15:06
    I would like to thank the cheering section of MP, Ben, Maddie, Nick O and Michelle – of course Sherri, Greg and his spouse Karen.
    MP said that Greg was in my face the whole time coaching – never heard him in particular – I can remember “pick up the bar” a few times.
    I did not pass otu or puke – even though I was a funny colour when I finished and wobbled pretty good

  3. lol I just knew the 800m run was going to get pulled… then of course lets add squats and wait for it… thrusters… lmao… wod time was 13:40
    did the 65lbs for the hang power cleans and used the bar for the thrusters. I decided that during the situps

    It was awesome, pretty damn hot up there for sure, i was sooo glad i was in the 3rd heat before it got stifling….

    The atmosphere was amazing! Chris managed to get some videos of our workouts too! MP had some delicious treats there too.

  4. OH… and it was awesome having Maddy, Michelle, Nick and Ben there to cheer everyone on!

  5. Awesome job guys!!! Wish I could have been there, I will be next year 🙂

  6. What an awesome day! The new CF Moncton facility is fantastic and they did an awesome job hosting this and I can’t wait to go back next year. This WOD was just fun! I was 10:55 (36th out of 58 for Rx’d).

    Here are all the results if anyone hasn’t seen them already:

    The only thing I regret was that I couldn’t cheer Sherri on as much as I would have liked because she was in the heat before me and I had to warm up 🙁 The temperature was in the mid-30s with the humidity but I’m sure it was well into the 40s inside competitors during that WOD – wow! The Dieppe crew just absolutely slaughtered the WOD – it was amazing to see! The craziest part of the day was witnessing Daniel and Andre-Rene go sub-7 minutes….ridiculous!!

    Thanks to the SJ crew that made the trek up to cheer us on – it made the already awesome atmosphere even better!

  7. Sherri and Greg, thanks for all your help on Saturday. Very much appreciated!

    Glad you all had a great time. Hope to see more of the SJ crew there next year.

  8. Great WOD! Jenn and I combined for 26 snatches as rx’d. This was a great one to start off the week, good luck lunch and evening crews!

  9. This was really fun!!! I think I need to work on my OHS, that was the part I found most difficult…

  10. I loved this WOD. I find the pull for the snatch feels so much more natural than the clean – of course the overhead part sucks.

    Started things off with a little handstanding before the Burgener warmup.

    I know I got 5 the first time Michelle was out doing the wall balls, and 3 every other time except the second to last set when I rushed things, failed 1 (forward), failed 1 (backward), and stuck the third.

    Did this at the full 95/20.

    Rounded everything off with some front squatting.

    95×5, 140×3, 170×3, 190×2 (could be 3 when fresh), 210xF. It felt heavy on the shoulders, light on the legs on the way down and part way back up, but then just stuck. Next time for sure.

  11. WOD: 64 ish with Sue.

    Great work Sue, thank you for keeping score for us!

    Wall balls were great and Squat Snatches were scaled back to 60# to try and get them “right.”

    Big thanks to Jon for the extra coaching after the WOD and also for running the show this afternoon.

  12. 94 with Sue mom. I did front squats replacing snatches as usual.

  13. Me and Scott were the handicapped team as I had to do power snatches instead of squats snatches and he did front squats. Fun team WOD to start the week.

  14. did the wod with Leah. I used the bar for the squat snatches. Leah did 60lbs. We got 53 total reps!!

    At least we didn’t have to suffer through the bird poop incedent lol….

  15. Did WOD with Devon – 54 reps
    I used the bar and Devon 60lbs – how do you like wall balls now Devon?

    This was not a good first WOD to come back to after the Hopper.
    The good part is I managed to get the bar overhead (good) and squat (even better). If you saw what I looked like after the Hopper… lets just leave it at that.

  16. Wall balls are hard. 😛