Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Warm Up

Then EVERYONE will attempt to PR on their 500 m ROW

Then 15 – 12 – 9 for time:

Ring Dips
Knees to Elbows
Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25 plate/KB/or med ball)

Post score and comments


  1. Sa-weet!!! This one looks good too 🙂 no running lol

  2. YAY!!! pr’d the row by 9 seconds 🙂 1:50:1
    and that was the worst 2 min of my life lol

    WOD: 9:56 RD with #1 band

  3. I was dreading the row, but I’m glad it was programmed, because god knows I wouldn’t put myself through that at 6:15am if it weren’t.

    Row: 1:31.8 – 3.1 second PR that I forgot to write on the board.

    WOD: 10:58. I’m tired of scaling ring dips. I did the first 5 reps as Rx’d and had planned to do the same each round, but my arms were shot. #1 band for all but those 5, and the first rep of the second set.

  4. Yeah 500m wrecked me. I gave it a go after the morning session and it made me wonder if these PR’s are really worth it…..oh….and I PR’d! Ha!

    1:27.9 on the row. I do not not how, I guess wine beer, ice cream, a lack of sleep and summer fun are the keys to success.

    9:35 on the wod with 2x hand release pushups subbed in for dips. I mean sucked in. They were sucked in to my wod today. pushups suck. get it?

  5. Rowing was awful and I agree with Nick about it being programmed in. 1:44.. not a PR and not great, have to work on it for sure.

    WOD: 5:55 as RX’D. As crappy as the rowing was, the WOD was not, really liked this one and the morning crew did an awesome job!

  6. I’m going to go ahead and agree with the suckiness of the morning row, but I still managed to PR it by five seconds, so it was worth doing for sure! Really liked this WOD! I did it in 8:07 using the bench for dips, knees to hips or a bit above (knees-to-somewheres) and the lunges as rx’d.

  7. 500m of discabobulated form on the rower netted a time of 1:31 flat. Notice how the word form, or lack thereof, routinely appears when talking about Crossfit WOD’S? Another exercise to work on doing properly!

    WOD: 6:00 @ Rx’d

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  9. Despite feeling generally wobbly, I feel really good about today!

    Rowing- 1:52.7 – PR by 6.4 seconds! Pumped!

    WOD- 5:38 with #2 band for ring dips, rest as RX’d

  10. Not much in the tank today, a full 5 seconds off my PR for rowing. Today was 1:32.1 WOD as Rx’d 6:23, with my dumbass doing 15 lunges per round instead of 15-12-9. I need rest.

  11. PR’d my row by 7 seconds at 2:06.9 – I had hoped to be able to get down to or just under 2 minutes but my lungs decided to stop providing sufficient oxygen to the rest of me at around 350 m!
    WOD – 7:06 using box for dips, leg raises instead of K2E, and a 16 lb med ball for the lunges

  12. Grrrr didn’t break 2:00 for the row tonight… made me crazy frustrated. My PR was 2:18 and I brought it down to 2:03… but it wasn’t under 2:00 like I wanted 🙁 hahah all about what I COULD HAVE done

    WOD = 6:28 (did box dips for the 12s & 9s because the rings were occupied)
    *the 25 plates weren’t as bad as I though (haha might be a different story in the am), and my K2E are getting there…

  13. Truthfully, I should not have done the row – legs were still mighty rough from yesterday and Sat – but me being stubborn jumped on. No PR – but only 4 secs off (1:56.4) after a complete leg shutdown at 300M. I will be doing this again. Watch for a sub 1:40
    WOD – 8:39 with band and 25 plate – K2E’s are getting better as I am starting to string together more plus I am getting more range of motion. Knees are actually getting closer to the elbow. Big improvement as I remember I could not do 5 lunges with a 10lb plate over my head.

  14. hahaha Chris… i was smart… i didn’t row just for that reason
    WOD was 6:10
    used band for dips and upsized the lunges to 35 lbs for all three rounds, did knees to elbows

    that was a fun one, really enjoyed it!!

  15. Well I Pr’d may 500m row by 5 seconds.1:34 although the time for WOD escaped me since I was busy surpressing the urge to vomit from the rowing and then the WOD after.