Thursday, July 28, 2011

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15 mins – Warm Up

15 – 25 mins – Working on Squat Technique.

25 + WOD

3 Rounds for time:

  • 30 Kettlebell Squat Cleans (50/35) Single Arm
  • 30 Burpees
  • 800 m Run

Post times and comments

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  1. Won’t be in for this one.

  2. How many KB squat cleans are we doing? 1.. that would be nice

  3. The Games start tomorrow and ESPN 3 will be hosting live feed

  4. I LOVE that there’s swimming in the first WOD 😀 When are we going to start having swim days??? The Q-plex has a free swim every night from 730-830…..

  5. OMG

    This was NOT a lunchtime WOD, lol! 23:28 (I think?) with 25lb KB and I only completed two rounds due to exhaustion and time constraints.

    Back at work and still sweating… people are giving me funny looks.

  6. P.S. an 800m swim would have been MUCH better 😛

  7. Yes, a warm one 🙂
    39:31, 20lbs KBs and 800m

  8. Well, that was a nasty little number for a lunch time workout!
    WOD 30:3? @Rx’d.
    Be careful with those KBSC’s as they can tenderize your delts pretty quickly!

  9. Oh Yeah, if you do this Rx’d, look in your WOD book…You just did the Hero WOD “Helton.” (plus an extra 210m running)

  10. Like Leah, I only managed two rounds due to time constraints – I think a third might have killed me though.
    22:33 using a 20 lb KB and running around 175m?? to the corner and back twice.
    My arms and shoulders already hate me and I think my legs will follow tomorrow morning.
    Fun times!

  11. man this one today looked like a fun one…wish I could of made it… Gas’er for sure…

  12. so my wod was pretty much totally different lol
    30 squat cleans with the bar
    30 double unders
    30 squats (under Mike’s close supervision lol)
    3 Rounds


    worked on squat form for each and every squat lol… took forever, but it sure did wonders to get the form down better

  13. Okay – where were the usual suspects for 5pm and 6pm? No one for 5pm left Mike doodling on the windows. Only Sherri, MP and me – all the 40+ crowd.
    I guess the under 40 crowd cant handle this much fun in a single day.

    WOD – 43:10 used 30lb KB for first round and 25lb for 2 and 3.

    I probably would have done better if my big toe had not been wrecked at our company summer kick off. It is a lovely shade of blue and purple. Did not make burpees or runnng fun, but then what can! 🙂 Lots of ice tonite and thank goodness for the Skins Recovery wear.

  14. hulloooo…hulloooo..anyone there???? anyone there??? (M1 A1 Gorillaz)
    where was everyone? the friggin place looked like a post nuclear zone…empty..poor Mike was reduced to writing graffiti on the windows..motivational ones at that.Sherrri, Chris & moi (doing mud squats over the porcelain throne).
    WOD: did the KB 15lb..midway through burpees had to run.(you know where).Mike stopped WOD and made me do really cool mobilty excercise with dowel…I will be doing this from now on during warm up.
    Great work Sherri those squats looked really good….Chris I am proud of you…did really good and kept on going…thanks Mike for sticking around and waiting for the 3 of us

  15. No laps during the free swim at the q plex….. and an 800m swim, omg I think I’d puke twice, nothing gets the heart pumping like a good 100 meter swim, 800 meters would make me puke multiples in one wod I am sure…lol

    Good job today everyone, wish I could do more than 3 days a week 🙁