Saturday, August 6, 2011

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We meet at UNBSJ Field at 12pm for todays WOD.

Bring water and a snack


  1. Thought I read “sack.” Would have made for an interesting workout

  2. Things were interesting enough without sacks!

  3. THAT WAS FRIGGIN AWSOME!!!! I wish we had the rower there so I could have joined in the fun…you have no idea how hard it is to sit on the sidelines…
    You guys were awsome…Greg, what form…cool man!!! was such a lovely day…Doris way to go….Alexis…you can run fast…Nick you are stylish…Jeff that face was way cool…Tattoos a la Maori???? and when the Boss is not sleeping…he can sure run

    When are we going to do it again…hey hey…should be every saterday in the summer

  4. I’m just waiting on the STATS! Ahem, Mr. Jackson 😉

    I’m dying over here….I think I got 1:10.6 on the 400m run, 10:xx on “Pushup Helen” and 2:51.x on the Shuttle Run Workout (14lb ball + 50lb KB).

    • They get put on soon. Been doing some running around.
      Great job everyone

  5. What a fun day. Need to do this more frequently when there are nice days.
    Would have loved to joined in on the fun. Alas best to keep big toe away from track stuff. Have some pics to load up and a vid that MP took of MJ, Nick and Greg. MP says she has some vids of the girls and Jeff. Will make DVD for Mike to post.
    Some good times posted for 400M, yes a legit 400M.
    There could be some interesting WOD’s done at UNBSJ…