Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Hours Today: 6am, Noon, 5 & 6pm

Warm Up

:15 mins – Work on either max unbroken pull ups/or weighted pull ups

:25 mins – “KELLY”

5 Rounds

  • 4oo m run
  • 30 Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 30 Wall Balls (20/14)

Post scores and comments

The evening crew loving the Bear Complex and the B-Day tire flips!! Happy Bday Doris and Sherri!

Happy Recovery Day Matt and Jeff


  1. I’ll be there bright and early

  2. This turned out to be my 6th day in a row at the gym. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty wrecked and didn’t do Kelly.

    Max unbroken pull-ups = 18 by Ryan’s count, though I suspect there were a couple in there that probably shouldn’t count.

    Snatch pull: 3×90, 3×110, 3x 130, 3×140, 3×150

    Attempts at Snatch Balance: 1×60, 1×80, 1×100, 1x120F, 1x120F, 1×120, 1x125F (Shoulders/stabilizers had nothing left to give).

  3. Congratulations Mags (did I spell that right?) on your first workout!

    Ryan – I hope your back is feeling better

    Goodluck to the Ultimate folks headed to Ontario.

  4. Back if fried…… Kelly is a bitch… I need to go take more pain meds….

  5. I will not be doing the WOD today after the last two days. Today will be a stretch/goat day.
    Will have to figure out what to do as I have too many goats.
    Hmmm … maybe a Greek BBQ will get rid of some.

  6. This wasnt fun while I was doing it but I feel GREAT now!
    WOD: 32??? its on the board I dont really remember

    Great first WOD Mags!!!

  7. FYI – Book out your Calenders!!!!!! I just saw the practive Schedule for the Dragon Boat teams.

    Here is what was listed for Crossfit Saint John

    Date Time
    Monday 22-Aug 5:15 Crossfit Saint John
    Wednesday24-Aug 6:45-7:30 Crossfit Saint John

    It is important to have a full boat for the Dragon Boat practices.

  8. Yay!!! Thank you for letting us know michelle. I’m soo excited to do this!

  9. Did it say where the practices are taking place???

  10. Renforth Wharf

  11. WOD – 24:09
    subbing 100m hobble for the run and steps on a stack of plates for box jumps 😀

  12. Didn’t have a good day today… didn’t have the mental strength to handle Kelly today so did yesterday’s Bear Complex instead.

    Took it pretty light… arms and shoulders still pretty wrecked from Monday! started at 40lbs and increased by 5lbs, ending at 60lbs.

  13. Knock ! Knock ! ROOM SERVICE
    Chris decided to trash talk me into a competition…2 cripples going at it. Chris “Turf toe” versus MP”Hips”…MP a heavy underdog…
    20 rounds: 5 push ups; 5 squats; 5 sit ups
    Actually between you and me he did not have to do half as much walking around as I did and…he even got illegal coaching from a 1 year old…these things should just not be allowed. It was a blast
    chris “Turftoe 18:33
    MP ” Hips ” 20:18
    I am still laying a complaint about the coaching 🙂

  14. Was not allowed to do Kelly today – she will have to wait for another time.
    Kelly – 06/28 – 41:10 my third Rx’d WOD – I would have liked to seen the difference.
    First decision to replace was to do 5 rounds of 30 wall balls – then I had a wake up call – who am I kidding, who likes wall balls.
    Then IM’d MP and got her to agree to a competition with the Room Service workout. It was fun – she hates losing 🙂
    The coaching I got was not illegal as I could not understand the coach and he kept taking the foam roller for my feet for push ups so as not to rest the toe.

    You lost – too bad 🙂

  15. Thanks Nick and Jen, it was great to start, had a great time and looking forward to Friday “Helen”. I her she is a bitch as well.