Friday, August 12, 2011

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Hours Today: Noon, 6pm Only

Warm Up

:15 mins – Mobilize Shoulders and Hips

:30 mins – “HELEN”

3 Rounds:

  • 400 m run
  • 21 Kettlebell Swing (55/35)
  • 12 Pull Ups

Post times and comments


  1. I will be there at 6pm, “Helen” im ready for you.

  2. Here’s a link to a discount for a sweet pair of Innov-8 shoes

  3. Dragon Boat Team update

    2011 Saint John Dragon Boat Festival
    August 9, 2011

    Practice Nights –The practice schedule is set and all teams should know their practice times. Teams should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time and should come prepared to walk in to knee deep water. . The boats for practice nights and well as race day are loaded and unloaded at the Kennebecasis Rowing and Canoe Club which is directly behind the Tennis Courts on James Renforth Drive. Parking is limited and there is no parking on James Renforth Drive so please try to car pool where ever possible, you can also park at St. James the Less Church up the street. Because the parking is limited we ask that you move your vehicle directly after your practice session. Please remember anyone that is in the boat is required to sign the waiver. If for some reason not everyone on your team can come to your scheduled practice and they have not paddled before please encourage them to come when they can and we will fit them in. If the practice has to be cancelled for inclement weather we will cancel by 3:00 pm and announce it on Country 94/Wave. We will also put in on our Face Book Page (under St. Joseph’s Hospital) and put it on twitter (SJDragonboat). Please encourage your teams to add us to their Face Book and twitter accounts to keep updated on what’s going on over the next couple of weeks. We will also change the message on our answering machine to let you know it is cancelled. You can call the main number 632-5595 or my direct line at 632-5497.

    Safety – During the practice nights we will go over our procedures should anything happen while you are on the water. This is a very safe event but we did have an incident in the past with one of our teams that got carried away celebrating and capsized their boat. The main issue that we had was that the paddlers did not take the situation seriously enough and created more of an issue than it should have been.

    Fundraising Collection – We will be collecting fundraising money and pledges the week of practices and would like to have as much collected before race day as possible. The Air Canada Draw will be sometime after 3:00 on the Main Stage at the festival so all tickets must be passed in by 10:00am that day. Any tickets or pledge money brought to the festival can be passed in at the Bill McGuire Center. For the purpose of top team fundraising total, teams must have their money passed in by 3:00 pm on race day. If you are expecting a large donation that has not been received and would like to have it applied to your total please contact the office to make special arrangements. Team fundraising totals may change after the Festival but we will only use the amounts we have or have been notified of to calculate top fundraising teams. The press release with top fundraising teams will be sent out directly after the closing ceremonies. Our office will make out the official tax receipts for your donations but please make sure you have full addresses and that they are printed clearly.

    Race Preparation – The race schedule has been finalized and there is a copy in your package. The “Start time” for your race is when your team is in the boat and sitting at the start line waiting for the start gun. Please note the difference between your corral time and your start time, your corral time is the time that you should be in the designated race assembly area. You will need to put on your life jackets and get in your boat order and wait until you are asked to walk down and load into the boats. You will only be permitted in the loading area immediately prior to the corral time indicated on your race schedule. You must remember that we will not be announcing your race time on event day therefore you must be aware of when your team is scheduled to race. All races on event day go as scheduled, hopefully no delays, so your scheduled race time is exactly when you will be in the water racing. Teams that race in the morning before 9:30 will have their second race between 11:15 and 12:30pm. Teams that race in races after 10:15 will have their second race between 12:30pm and 2:00pm

    Race Results – The race is 200 meters long and only takes about one minute to finish. Race results will be announced after each race over the loud speaker and radio system and times will be posted directly in the Team Services area. Do not wait down at the loading area for your race results team services will have them first. Any questions regarding times should be directed to the Team Services Volunteers. Please remember this is a fun event and our volunteers will make every effort to be as accurate as possible. Due to the nature of the race course it is necessary for us to have the course on an angle; this means that it is very difficult to judge the race results from inside your boat. Our timers are set up to view the finish line at the proper angle and we appreciate your cooperation with their results.

    Race Operations – Each team will race in two heats, race time for your heats will be added together and the top 24 teams with the fastest combined times will move on to the semi-finals. The top 12 teams in the semi-final heats will be broken into three sections and there will be three final heats run, with a winner from section A, B and C. Lane assignment will be random for the first heat and then from fastest to slowest times, with the fastest time assigned to lane one (outside lane) Coaches/Steerspeople will be assigned to lanes by their supervisor, teams must use the coach assigned to them. Breast Cancer Survivor teams who have brought their own steersperson will be the only exception.

    Team Waivers – Please make sure you have a signed waiver for every member of your team. If you need a spare that has not signed your group waiver please go to team services and have your spare fill out the waiver. You can only paddle for one team so please don’t pick up a spare from another team.

    Team Village – The team village will set up in the same area as last year (the ball field) we will have all teams facing home plate. All teams are asked to set up within the ball field. You may set your tent up any time on Friday if you like. If your team has rented a tent from Commercial Tent they usually setting up their tents by 10:00 am and they will be on a first come first serve basis. If you have rented a tent from them and would like to select your site you will have to drop out to the ball field on Friday. We would like to remind everyone that this is a family event and so please make sure if you are having beer (in moderation of course) at your tent site to be discreet and it should not leave the team village. Anyone who is thought to have too much to drink of course will not be allowed in the boats. We would like to remind everyone to pick up after yourself in the village and be sure you clean up you camp site when you take your tent down. We would like to ask you not to bring glass containers to the Festival and recycle your cans please. Please do not leave anything valuable at your site while you are racing. The one car you have at the site should be used to lock away all valuables. Please remember that our Team Village is set up on the Town of Rothesay’s Ball Field so there are NO vehicles allowed on the field at any time.

    Team Services Area – We will have a team services area set up in the team village. Kathy Curwin is the Team Services Chair and will take care of any problems you may have. If you have not passed in your waivers please pass them into the team services area. There will be a Results Board and Schedule board set up in the service area and will be updated after every race so please check there for information about your next race. The radio station is 90.1FM so you may like to bring a radio to keep informed. We strongly encourage each team to bring a portable radio and tune it to 90.1FM this way you can keep up to date on races and prepare for your race.

    Team Pictures- the Fundy Camera Club will again take pictures of each of the teams this year and we would like each team to have some sort of team name/sponsor sign so everyone will know who you are in the pictures. Teams will be asked to report to the team service area immediately after their first race and we will have your picture taken as well as the winning team for the first heat will receive a plaque. We are going to try to stream line the picture taking so make sure you have all our group together and be prepared for a quick picture.

    Tim Horton’s Team Spirit Award. This is a very special award that is given to one of our teams that displays what we consider the best team spirit. This will be a team that works hard to fundraise but may not be the top fundraising, paddles hard but may not win the race, and most importantly displays the Team Spirit the Festival would like to promote. This award will be presented after the second heats are finished and we are waiting to see who will move on to the semi-finals. Teams will be asked to come down to the main stage area at approximately 2:00pm for the awarding of the team spirit award as well as the Hall of Fame awards. We will also be announcing the teams that will be moving on to the semi-finals here.

    Parking – Each team will receive one parking pass to park inside the festival site. All other team members should use the Park and Ride, this will operate the same as last year. The Kennebecasis Super Store and the Rothesay Arena will be the two pick up points and you will be dropped off at the bottom of the Fox Farm Road. The Saint John City Transit bus will start its run at 6:30 am and go continually until the end of the festival.

  4. I was really hoping to get there, but training is running behind, so I won’t be done in time. I’ll try to find something to do pull-ups on here, and I’ll swing a 50lb Powerblock Dumbbell around, and post a time at some point tonight or tomorrow.

  5. Great last workout!

    WOD = 15:28

    I will miss Crossfit terribly for the whole next year I’m sure =(
    Hahah hope I can find something comparable.

  6. With running and rowing out of the pic for the next while it seems like I will have time to find ways to enjoy myself.
    Todays enjoyment was a date with “Karen”. No one ever said I was the smartest in the family.

    150 wall balls 20lb for time – 17:57

    Thanks Ben and MP for coming out after completing “Helen” to count the last 30 or so wall ball shots.

    That is one nasty workout. But I am glad I did it.


    Who will take your place at the 5pm workout?

  8. Helen..ROTTEN,,,Helen
    Right from the start she done me wrong…nothing felt right
    rowing was painful and awfull…felt like me ass was scraping the floor
    KB’s not so bad 20lbs…however form just seemed off..pull ups…were sort off ok…maybe it is the full moon

    @Beverly-Have loads of fun in Korea-miss you-let me know when you start craving goodies 🙂

  9. GREAT JOB Chris…i will start calling you wally ball now 🙂
    Nice to see such a crowd tonight…Mags looked like he had fun with Helen…

  10. 9:09. This wasn’t as bad as I expected… Good work to a very big evening crew have a great weekend guys!

  11. Oh and of course good luck to Beverly! You’ll have a great time!