Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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NEWS: Chris Clark has joined the Muscle Up Club… by performing it strict dead hang. Great job!

Warm Up

:15 mins – Foot work/Burgener Warm Up

:30 mins – WOD

5 Rounds

  • 6 Snatches (squat) (135/95)
  • 6 Pistols (per leg)

Post scores and comments

Great video!


  1. I love it!

    Let’s clarify – Snatch = Squat snatch?

    6 pistols, or 6/leg?

    Ere more on the side of speed, or push the weight?

  2. Ahhhh…”Pistolbelle”.

    My quads are crying!

  3. I thought I did clarify :)……….
    Snatch is Squat Snatches unless they are called Power Snatches
    and 6 pistols (per leg) = /leg

  4. This was a fun one 😀 Everything was still stiff from Mondays OHS’s so I went with #60 and started with power snatches for the 1st round b/c I was having trouble landing the squat. Once I got warmed up it was much better!

    WOD: 17:??

  5. Sorry Mike – I know snatch=squat snatch, but it used to be labeled the other way on our PR tracking white boards, so I wanted to be sure.

    So many missed reps this morning, and now I’m having trouble walking in a straight line. Pistols were harder than expected, and the snatches were worse than I expected them to be.

    I used 110lbs for the snatches (1RM is ~ 125lbs, so this took a long damn time)

  6. RE: Video…
    have you had those internal battles? I seem to live this video for a majority of WODs….How about you?
    What self talk to you use???


    Just to cover detail again, try to be at practice location at 5pm on Monday, August 22nd.
    And again, Wed 24th at 630. These times are a little bit earlier than scheduled times but it will ensure we are all present and ready to go.

    Sat race schedule…
    First race, 3rd heat
    Race 3 Kent Challenge 8:29am
    1 Crossfit Saint John, Firebreathers
    2 Saint John Chinese Community, Oriental Dragon
    3 Saint John Police , Saint John Police Cruisers
    4 SJ Multi Cultural Newcomers Center, Global Riders

  8. What about us?

  9. nevermind

  10. WOD 9:57
    Scaled this one to Power Snatches (@135#) as my legs were a touch uncomfortable from Monday’s WOD.

  11. YES______ love it …love it..5 rounds 12 medball press; 12 squats…in 4th round got screwed up with the motion (aneastetic) 🙂 so did a 6th round to make up for it
    8:34…I tried to go as fast as possible…got great burn in the legs..
    Nice to see new faces come to try out…boy did they ever do great…swear they been working out for months…look forward to see y’all back 🙂

  12. Jeez, if only the workout would go as smoothlly as the burgener warmup. I would be able to hold my head up in the world of snatches.
    Sadly reality kicks in once I pick up the bar. I am getting better at it, so one small step for confidence, one giant step in progress.

    WOD – 10:04 did power snatches with 90lbs – pole for pistols
    right leg is getting better almost feels like I can do a further squat with that one without using pole for balance. Left one is a little behind.

    The last round was test as I seemed to push press the last few inches instead of snatchin it up there.
    Need to work on explosion from the hang position.