Friday, August 19, 2011

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Warm Up

:15 min – Start with…

10 mins – on every minute do ONE of below

  • 3 unbroken muscle ups on the minute
  • 3 muscle ups on the minute
  • 10 pull ups on the minute
  • 12 jumping pull ups on the minute


3 rounds of 25 GHD sit ups done as fast as possible…rest as long as necessary between rounds.


3 rounds for max reps of:

2 minutes Double Unders, rest 1 minute between rounds

Post your results

The original Nasty Girl Annie does  unbroken Muscle Ups at the Games….Poetry in motion!



  1. This was a really fun one!

    I did the 10 PU’s/min but in round 7 my hands tore so I patched them up, got out a few more PU’s then did jumping PU’s for the last round.

    GHD’s: 53-55-57seconds with 1min rest in between

    DU’s: 108 total…. they were not working for me today, I’d get the first 20-30 ok then it was singles and doubles after that

  2. This looked really fun – makes me wish I hadn’t decided to rest. Tear it up folks.

  3. This one was fun, still trying to nurse the back a bit but I think it went well.

    I did the 12 jumping pull ups, I don’t think they were very pretty but I did them.

    Didn’t want to put the extra pressure on my back by doing GHS’s so I grabbed a pad and did them from the floor, 50-48-47

    Jon did what he could to try and teach me DUs but I still can’t seem to get them so I did regular skip, total of 414/3= 138 score

  4. Good stuff today! Was going to do Strength but got very easily peer-pressured into the WODs! 😀

    Part 1: 3 Muscle-Ups per Minute. Done.

    Subsequently, ’30 Muscle Ups for time’ is a benchmark CrossFit WOD so despite all the forced rest in this WOD, I’m still counting it as my first time completing it in 9:50….last MU done with 10 seconds left. I didn’t think I’d be able to complete 30 muscle ups in 10 minutes to begin with as I’ve never been close to doing that before, but managed to absolutely destroy that expectation.

    Part 2: 0:43, 0:50, 0:58 with AbMat Situps, legs straight, heels on the floor the whole time, shoulder blades touch ground every rep, and touch toes every rep.

    Part 3: 100-90-76. Complete implosion during round 3; couldn’t get anything going.

    Good day today – great job lunch crew!!!

  5. WOD’s –

    10 sets of 10 Pull-ups

    47-43-51 GHD’s

    114-101-101 DU’s

    Great crowd today at lunch!

  6. This was so much fun!

    Part 1: I opted to try for 6 unassisted pull ups each minute rather than 12 jumping pull ups. Only managed to string together two or three at most as my kip was a bit off today. Was doing well, but then my fingers tore (yes, fingers, not hands) so I was done after 8 rounds.

    Part 2: GHDs on tire… :47 / :48 /:48
    Apologies again to Alexis for getting in her way and almost breaking her neck with my hip!!

    Part 3: DUs 50-60-65 The first minute seemed to take forever! Probably could have gotten more in, but I was pretty winded by this point! Managed to increase my unbroken PR from 15 to 18 on my last round!

    Have fun evening crew, lunch crew sure did!

    • Lunch crew dod some amazing work.
      To name some;

      Greg – all muscle ups Rx’d and was flyng through them.

      Chris C. – just recently did first MU, did a majority of 30 today as Rx’d. Then 11 unbroken DU

      Leah – “I am going to try to do 5 PUs without a band”, “why not 6?” “Ok” and rocked it.

      Nick D – 29 unbroken DU today…previous PR 5….. That’s huge improvement.

      Jon – getting some serious cardio going on.

      Mark – “I don’t like those” (GHD) but got through them!

      Alexis – takes one FROM the team. Despite the near loss of her head from the Highlander’s attack, she carried on and rocked the GHDs.

      Great work everyone!

  7. Yup, 100m sprints instead of the pullups

    36, 38, 40 seconds for abmat situps

    114, 100, 100 Double unders.

    NIce work all….see you Monday.

  8. Not to try and one-up the video, but I’d rather have had you post this one!


  9. I have to second Greg. WOD was fun, did 10 pullups for 10 minutes, 36,36,39 for the abmat situps, and not sure on the double under total but I got a new PR of 7…. This is still terrible but progress is progress haha. Have a good weekend everyone!

  10. Did 12 jumping pull ups per minute for part one.
    GHDs – 1:00; :52; :53
    Single skipping for part three – 514/3=171
    First round of skipping went well but it was downhill after that!

  11. Just realized that Leah had used my iPad last and hadn’t removed her email – the last comment was mine not hers.

  12. This was a good one…lots of fun
    Part one did jumping pull ups
    Part two did GH sit ups at 45 / 43 / 43
    Part three I believe was 62 / 63 / 63 my knees lost all their boing after the first minute lol and seemed to take forever to put a lot together.

    Congrats to Chris for getting his first double under this evening!!!!
    Yay to Ben for the DU pr!!!
    see everyone on Monday

  13. This was a nice break considering the previous WOD’s this week.
    Got in a did not where to do warm up with Ben getting ready to DU and Mike doing Mondays OMFG – OHS as both have bad turette’s syndrome on those movements.
    Nice work Mike on the OHS – while you may think they are not good, I think I need to get that good.

    Did jumping pullups and used Abmat – 55 – 52 – 56

    Completed first Double Under and now have that box filled on the whiteboard – yippee kiyah MF.

    Now for the next step – 2 DU

  14. Started out great;
    did 12 RingRows for the on the minute
    25 sit ups (modified- kept them at 33 seconds per round
    Squats for 3 rounds 45-30-40 this was a problem…joints were sticky..I felt like I was wading through molasses..The pain I could handle…but this has really depressed me….time to SUCK IT UP and grind down that bloody ossification ….Amy do not worry…I can’t pop the hips with any of the motions that I have done so far. I do not think that I can break them either…and as for the pain…I have had much much worse…I promise that I will stop and rest if needed….anyway I WILL PASS OUT BEFORE I DIE 🙂