Monday, August 22, 2011

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Schedule Change
Due to Dragon Boat Practice this evening, we will not be having evening sessions. 6am and 12pm are good to go!

Wed evening we will only be having a 5pm session. No 6pm. For same reason.

Please post that you intend on attending AM session

Warm Up

:15 min – work on mobilizing hips and ankles

:25 sharp! WOD

“It’s Monday!”

5 rounds

400 m run
7 Thrusters (135/95)
7 Burpees

Post time and comments


  1. Michelle and I will be there.

  2. @Greg…just read video comment from Friday….I agree completely 🙂

  3. Happy Monday!!!

    WOD: 20:14 @#60 thrusters

    Running always makes me want to die but at the same time I was happy to see it come up today because it gives my hands more time to heal.

  4. 19:58 @ 95lbs

    After choosing a weight that was really too heavy last week, and the slow Nate with real ring dips, I thought it best to choose a weight at which I could at least get a few unbroken rounds of thrusters.

  5. 23:17 @ 60lbs

    Still going soft on the back, I was sucking wind on the run today, don’t know why but that just sucked. Def need to up my weight for Thrusters next time.

  6. Congratulations Mags on your (first?) five rounder! At this rate we’ll have you running the full block in no time.

  7. Whoa…just watched Camille…whoa (Keanu Reeves voice).

  8. WOD: 16:46 Rx’d

    Running after burpee’s is just wrong! Funny looking, but wrong… ;o)

    Everybody was pushing hard today and paid no mind to the wet weather. Great work and focus by the lunch crew today.

  9. Don’t remember what my time was for this one.
    Ran to the corner and back in deference to my knee.
    Started the thrusters at 60 lb but scaled back to 40 after 3 rounds as my knee was not co-operating.

  10. FYI Dragon Boat Practice Cancelled:

    Practices for this evening have been cancelled due to obvious weather reasons and high winds, we apologize for this and if any of you want to re-schedule a practice for Tuesday or Thursday let me know and we will do our best to accommadate you.

    Thanks for everything,

    Brittany Arsenault
    Special Events Coordinator
    St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation
    (506) 632-5564

  11. I can’t make it tomorrow night, probably not Thursday either.

  12. With the cancellation of DB practice decided to go in.
    No one said I was very smart and I must love punishment.

    WOD – 25:27 not sure of the seconds but it is around there.
    Thrusters 70lbs

    I have a real dislike for running . END . OF . STORY.
    Funny how one can think of thrusters as a break in this one.

    All things considered – not bad.
    Just my opinion for practice on Thursday – it is only once a year this Dragon Boat race comes up – surely we can all find a way to make some time to get a second practice in.

  13. Extra practice for sure….I want to win….Thursday sounds great ????
    back to the WOD
    Modified: 200M Row;7 squats; 7 push ups.
    I have decided to go on the attack and continue to excercise agressively so that I am able to maintain some ROM 🙂 Let’s see what happens

  14. thanks Nick, I look forward to being able to run the whole block, good times where had monday am. Thanks fo the great workout with Jon, Nick, Ryan and Jen.