Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Warm up

:15 min – Deadlift 5 x 1 (work up to max)

:30 min – WOD

5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts (155/105)
10 Hang Power Cleans (same)
15 Hand Release Push Ups

Post time and comments

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  1. Sounds fun. See you in the AM.

  2. does anyone know if there is an App that Crossfit has to get the WOD sent to your handheld? That would be so convenient! Tks

  3. I know Jon had something that would track our feed/posts to his Iphone, nothing for BB yet….I’m looking to get another few options upgraded to this site so that can be done

  4. For CFSJ, the RSS feed link is at the bottom of this page. The link is:


  5. Awesome workout this morning! It really hit me today just how far I’ve come since I started last fall 🙂 I finally got a #200 deadlift and PR’d at #210 (old PR was #190) and got out some pretty respectable push ups lol

    WOD: 15:55 w/ #90 deadlift/HP cleans

  6. Mags if you subscribe to the WOD RSS feed using Google Reader, you can then get Google Reader for your phone, and thus, the WODs. That’s how I do it.

  7. thanks Mike and Scott, I will be there tonight to Deadlift, looking forward to deading again after 5 years.

  8. The Jenns tore this up this morning – though why someone would choose running, and thrusters over deadlifts and hang cleans is beyond me.

    Deadlifts: Fairly disappointing – failed 20 lbs shy of my max, though my max was well hydrated, in the afternoon, when I was eating a lot more.

    WOD: 14:16 @ 135lbs.

    I find I’m getting more and more comfortable with the oly lifts for heavy singles or doubles, but less comfortable for any high number of reps. Grip was an issue, but when I had to put the bar down it was mostly just for a mental break to reset my form.

  9. WOD: 9:47 @ 150llbs

    Did first three rounds unbroken and last two rounds I broke the HPC’s into two sets of five and the push ups into 3 sets of five. Technique on last rounds of HPC’s was a bit sketchy (on toes too much).

    “Hook Grip.” Is it uncomfortable? Yep! Is it extremely effective? Unquestionably!

  10. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id333770085?mt=8

    this is the one I use. It’s just called WOD.

  11. 12:18 as rx’d. This was a hard one, those cleans were nasty! Good job evening crew!

  12. PR on deadlift – 160 lb
    WOD – 16:17 using 60 lb

    Box jumped 4×45+1×10 lb plates – Mike, you need ton measure that.

  13. Correction, WOD was 12:17 not 16:17 – beat Ben by 1 second, lol.

  14. Wod 13:48
    Deadliest at 130
    Hang cleans at 70 did the wod this way so I wont have collar bone bruises for my daughters wedding this weekend 🙂
    Push ups done on toes

  15. I got this in just prior to Fundamentals…
    10:15 @ 160#