Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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REMINDER: There is no 6pm session. DRAGON BOAT TEAM meet at Renforth Park for 6:30pm

Warm Up

:15 min – Push Press 5 sets of 3 reps

:30 min – “Annie”


  • Double Unders
  • Sit Ups

Post time and comments

PS….there’s a new DL PR on the board…take a look at Mags’ spot. Bottom of left board.

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  1. I won’t make it in the am, way to much work, plus i think tonight’s workout is going to deserve a one day rest.

  2. Anybody in?

  3. I’ll be there.

  4. And Michelle might be.

  5. Hey people…if you haven’t already, add us on FB.
    Link on top right side…suggest to friends and family…

  6. Nice job Mags!!! Thats an awesome lift!!!!

    Man am I sore from yesterday!
    Push press @#90 for a couple rounds

    WOD: 9:35 rx’d ….. +30 seconds on my pr but still a good morning

  7. 5 years without deadlifting and you pull that? You’re my deadlift hero.

    Yesterday’s workout did take its toll this morning – but it’s a good hurt.

    Push pressed up to 130×2 – the third rep wound up a little too far forward and I didn’t feel I could get in under it.

    WOD: 8:30 Rx’d – 2:28 PR. This is my first time doing the full length laying ab-mat situps during the WOD. I think I like it.

  8. I managed to get some details about previous lifts….
    DL – 800#-ish
    Bench – 600#
    Squat – dunno…I was baffled by the first two…but the total was something that made me grin….

    It was an great to watch that lift in person…and it was fast.

    then he rocked the wod

  9. like i said last night… when i grow up lol….

  10. Who is going from the 5pm session to the Dragon Boat practice? Looking for a ride… 🙂

  11. I’m not going to the 5pm session but I live right around the corner from the gym if you want to catch a ride with Ryan and I

  12. Annie – 9:16 Rx’d PR! by 0:08 – I’ll take it! 🙂

    May 31, 2011 – 9:24 Rx’d 🙂
    Dec 31, 2010 – 17:35 Rx’d 🙁
    Dec 4, 2010 – 18:10 Rx’d 🙁
    Aug 24, 2010 – 12:10 Rx’d

  13. WOD – 10:14 Annie “upped” this one to 150 GHD’s.

    Noon session was packed today with some pretty intense focused Crossfitters. It was awesome to listen to all the ropes whistling through the air and see everyone hammering out sit-ups.
    Another impressive effort by everyone!

  14. Yeah this was fun. how many were there of us 10 or 12?

    I PR’d this too in the time I thought I could do it in the first time I did it. didn’t miss a double under and got 7:32.

    Holy situps Jackson! you beat me by 2 minutes and I’m assuming you didn’t miss any du’s either!

    • PR’d today.
      Unbroken DU for 50/40, broke once in 30 rnd, and clean from there.
      Straight leg situp are tough.
      Needed this WOD today to de-stress from my morning. Annie might have saved some ppl 🙂

      5:3? Rx’d
      Previous 6:3?

      That was an intense atmosphere….need more of that!

      Great job everyone. Many Pr’d in both Annie and DUs…great to see that happening!

  15. I’ll be leaving from the west side around 6 if anyone needs a ride.

  16. Thanks Jenn… I’ll prob just hop a ride with Mike & Amy from the gym!

  17. I come to find out what I thought was a big time leap with double unders to a PR of 29…. WAS WRONG… oh my. I was doing a single in between. Back to my old number of 5 I go on the board. I will get you soon enough 29. Curses.

    17:23 today – learned I need to eat better in the am. And to bring ointment for the ass burns. Can’t wait to do this sucker again.

  18. After the at-home work out I did last night with 150 sit ups, I opted to do yesterday’s WOD instead. Started off pushing my deadlift PR to 180 from 155.

    WOD – 17:09 I think, at 90 lbs which was quite challenging on the hang power cleans… Did a real number on my collar bones tonight! Even just my shirt touching them hurts right now! Push ups started as from toes, but at the end of round two they were quite wormy so I switched to my knees

    Great job tonight team at the Dragon Boat practice! We’re gonna rock it on Saturday! Even if you’re nit rowing be sure to come out and cheer us on!

  19. Just to clarify Mike, My best competition lifts where, 400kg Squat, 273kg Bench, and 300kg Deadlift. That was in the World championships Competition held in Calgary, AB. Here is a link to some stats that haven’t been updated because I have been out to the powerlifting world for so long.

    So know that its out in the open lets get some training going. See everyone 6am friday.

  20. Went in at noon today as I missed yesterday and would have missed today for Dragon Boat practice. That is too many days off in one week.
    Holy crap!!! the nooner was packed. Any more and we would have had people on the street.
    Annie she is one of the nicer girls and that is not saying much
    11:30 missed PR by 17 secs – considering I tried to get double unders in the first round it was not bad – went back to single unders just so would not waste time. Used abmat and straight legs.
    Dragon Boat Practice was a blast – we need to get one – it would be a great Saturday workout if we had one.
    Looking forward to Saturday

  21. I want a boat of our own……how much does one of these cost? what a blast…what fun…you have no idea how happy I am…never thought I would ever be able to do fun things like this again…don’t known if i can sleep tonight…i am so hyper…my family doctor was there in the parking lot…he laughed and said he figured I would not have been able to not paddle… 🙂
    Mags we need to put you in the boat and give you 2 paddles…man we could fly on the water…cool lifts man 🙂

  22. Still full of pain killers and not feeling great, so I did Annie at home instead of coming in this morning. I substituted double unders for 3x the amount of singles. I did it it unbroken in 10:46. Felt good to do a workout after a week!