Monday, August 29, 2011

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Best wishes to Sue Tudor who will be going in for knee surgery today. We will be thinking about you and hoping for a fast recovery.

Warm Up

:15min – WOD

10 Rounds For Time:
5 Thrusters (115, 80)
10 Pull ups
100 Meter Sprint
Rest One Minute Between Rounds

Post Score to Comments.

Spend 10 min stretching.


  1. was so going to come at 6am but wind put the power out in my house at 2am was up with kids for 3 hours. hope to make the afternoon.

  2. I don’t know exactly what my final time was, but I think it was between 29:30 and 30:30. I used 110lbs for the thrusters and did 5 rounds unbroken, and 5 rounds of 3 and 2. The pull-ups were harder than expected – first round unbroken, and I realised that I’d have 9 more rounds to do, so the rest were broken. Managed to get a tiny tear going on the 9th round.

    I keep wondering whether I should have used the extra 5 lbs on the thrusters, but I think overall I’m happy with today’s performance.

  3. This was a good way to start the week. The rest in between rounds made this a little more interesting. My time was 33:?? and I used 70lbs.

    I picked up a black shirt and a towel that was left behind at the DB races this weekend and they are now at the gym.

    • The shirt is Sara’s and the towel is Tushar’s…..has anyone come across a pair of sunglasses? Colleen has los a pair there yesterday

  4. Yep I found a pair I just forgot to bring them in this morning. I’ll try and remember them for tomorrow.

    The 100 pullups kills my hands every time, I’m gonna have to start trying different things to see if I can keep them in one piece.

    WOD: 30+ min @70 thrusters

  5. So….. Sprints in a hurricane….. different……

    Still trying to go soft on the back WOD: 32:40 @ 70lbs thrusters and #2 band

  6. Hey people….
    ABC WOD is coming this WED…
    Get your Rx’d hats on and get ready to rip it up….

    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
    Clean and Jerk (135/95#)
    Kettlebell Swings (1.5-55#/1 pood-70#)

    May have to stagger so please don’t be late and warm up efficiently…..

  7. Today’s hero WOD “Holbrook” – 22:39 @ Rx’d.

    Thrusters felt good, however, pull up’s were broken after the fifth round and cost way to much time.

  8. Rough one, but fun!

    Time: 24:56 Rx’d (16:56 of actual work)

    Breakdown of work times per round:
    1:24 – can you say too fast out of the gate? 🙂
    2:11 – tore hand near end of pullups
    2:29 – wasted time trying to figure out how not to get everything bloody…
    2:22 – got everything bloody anyway

  9. Don’t worry Sue – We’ll have you squatting ATG in no time!

  10. Good Luck Sue T!

    I did this with 20 pistols instead of the 5-10. 26:35.

  11. I want to send out a special “Thanks” to everyone who participated in this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. You were great! You raised $242,000.
    Would you please pass along to all of your team mates as well as the people who supported your team that we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of them.
    Thanks again,

    Jill Logan
    Special Events Co-ordinator
    St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation
    130 Bayard Drive, Saint John NB E2L 3L6

  12. Get back soon Sue!!

  13. WOD – 29:48 – 70lb thrusters, #4 band (have to figure this out)

    I must learn to embrace the run – it is my friend, I must say this over and over again untill the run ends.
    All things considered it was not bad. Small improvements are better than none.
    Sue, get well – hope the surgery went well.

  14. 10 rounds: 5 MP’s Med Balls; 10 ring rows; 100m row 28:00…not bad..minimal jamming…row felt smooth
    Greg says I make the ring rows look much too easy, wants to hang a weight on me…where??? for sure not around my hips,,,around my neck??? 🙂