Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Warm Up

: 15 min WOD “Purple Drank”

4 Rounds for Time

  • 6 Deadlifts (315/215)
  • 12 Ring Dips
  • 40 Double Unders

Post time and comments

This video is relative to tomorrow’s WOD


  1. I’m far too happy about an early workout posting.

    Michelle and I will be in in the AM Jon.

  2. Ha! I was just thinking that Nick! see you in the am.

  3. I’ll be there tomorrow morning too 🙂

  4. 15:44 @ 270 with a far rounder back on a few reps than I should have had, and a #1 band on the dips.

    I’m fairly disappointed in my performance on Today’s WOD. I used to do 10+ @ 270 when we were doing Wendler. This weight loss piece of the performance puzzle is annoying.

  5. I think I sleep better knowing what the WOD is lol

    WOD: 15:28?
    I fell apart all over the place on this one. Deadlifts felt heavy @160, moved down to 140 for the last round and it was still hard, my skipping rope broke 🙁 and my hands are sore from yesterday. Hoping tomorrow goes better :S

  6. Good workout this morning, it was nice to be back! I used 140 for the DLs, did some dips using the bench with my feet up on the other and the rest with my feet on the ground, and singles for skipping. Time was 14:10

  7. Trying to get good numbers for tomorrow for the ABC WOD! My count for the morning so far is:

    Jenn W
    Jen C
    Ryan (maybe?)
    Mags (maybe?)
    Maddy (maybe?)

    Anyone else care to join us in the AM? Should be good energy! I’m feeling it already!

  8. It was a strength day for me today so no WOD.

    Wendler Strength
    Deadlifts & Press – Cycle 3 – 5-rep Day:

    Deadlift AMRAP 5 @ 270 x 15 = “405”
    – my best estimate yet!!
    – new 15-rep max

    Press AMRAP 5 @ 115 x 10 = “153”
    – new 10-rep max
    Weighted Dips
    bw@187 + 5lbs (5×5)

  9. WOD – 10:44 @ Rx’d. ( 28 secs slower than last attempt…Blah!)

    Tried to do DU’s in sock feet today and quickly realized it was a very bad idea! Lost mental focus and it cost me dearly in the WOD. Even picked up the wrong rope at one point for good measure.
    Will re-set and come back tomorrow ready to go!

    “… the greatest adaptation to CrossFit takes place between the ears.”

    Greg Glassman

  10. Wod: 17:20 or 21. Kevin had one time I had the other lol

    DL at 180 for all four rounds
    Dips with #1 band
    DU most in a stretch was 16 seemed to take forever to get those done today

    Great job by everyone this evening!!

  11. I was 17:20 I think I had you by 1 second Sherri
    DL @ 310 all 4 rounds
    dips with #2 band
    singles as I have yet to master DU’s

  12. Successfully completed my very first WOD! 15:12 (modified)

    DL at 100
    Dips on boxes instead of rings
    120 regular skipping instead of DU

    Thanks for the encouragement yesterday, I don’t know if I would have got those last few sit-ups without everyone cheering me on. 🙂

  13. Went to see Sue…The invalid is looking great…doing well with physio …was there ever any doubt, since she does CF our Sue will run rings around the fellow patients :)..I can just see her making them do a WOD 🙂

  14. Worked on getting left hamstring loose – it was not very cooperative all day today.
    WOD 17:37 – used very light weight 130 for DL – no sense doing something silly – used band for dips – used rings for all – some were pretty sad dips.
    Singles instead of DU.
    Leg feels much better tonight – will be doing some more stretching tonight and more in the morning.

    • I squeezed this WOD in between end of 6pm crew and the start of a Fundamentals class.
      Should have warmed up a bit more.

      9:19 as rx’d….the rind dips were limiting after rnd 2

  15. Congrats, Melissa – you’ll never forget your first WOD!