Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Warm Up

:15 mins – Work on shoulder mobility

:25 mins – WOD

10 x 1 rep Overhead Squat (work up to 1 rep max)

Arms locked, shoulders up, weight on heels, deep breathe, butt back, knees out, ….control on way down, power up through heels


  1. Nice! This is different

  2. I am not able to make it tomorrow morning.

  3. As much as I’d like to do this, I won’t br in in the morning

  4. My turrette’s will be very active tomorrow

  5. Worked up to 90 then tried 95 and failed, so dropped back to 90 and thought it might be nice to take a bar to the head and then did a final lift at 80. I need to work on technique on this one for sure and re-adjust my grip to make it a bit wider. Great work Jenn and Ryan!

  6. Oh man….pleeeeeaaaaase watch this video! Really nice piece by Again Faster on the OHS.

  7. Great work by the sounds of things am crew.

    I’m going to throw out a challenge to everyone for the month of Sept.
    Fail! Do it as much as possible. I challenge you to go to the point of failure and then decide to kick it’s ass and go for it again…and again….
    It can be said as a catch phrase, “if you aren’t failing your aren’t trying hard enough!” but some would just roll their eyes and keep doing what they are doing. Those are the people who are limiting their progress.
    The human body was meant to adapt to stessful situations and environments… If this shit was easy, everyone would be doing it!
    But they aren’t….only 40 people have the guts everyday to walk through those doors and do what you do.
    So do it until you fail…then try again…. don’t be affraid to push yourself way past that threshold of unlocked potential… your body will do what your mind tells it too… so work on mental toughness as well.

    Keep pushing forward and keep your head up. Be proud of your accomplishments….and get hungry for the next accomplishment you are going to achieve!

    GET FIRED UP and don’t be satisfied with anything….want more!!!

    caffeine is good!

  8. Thanks for the Pep talk Mike, we all need a little boost once in a while 🙂

    and yes Caffeine is good! Especially black coffee.

  9. Mmm coffee

  10. Caffeine wasn’t the point of the rant…maybe the cause….
    but I want people to stop holding back and get rid of their fear of failure
    playing it safe will only keep you in neutral

  11. Just want to let you all know that I am home from the hospital – kicked out for speeding with the walker, lol!

    • Walking halways for time was a little much for them???
      Happy to hear you are home

  12. So when will we see you Sue?

  13. WOD – OHS: 60,70,80,90,100,110,120,130,140 (PR!), 150 (Fail) 150 (Fail)…

    Finished off with 10 reps of 60lbs to end on a positive note!

    Hey Sue, great news that you are home! You will be up and flying around before you know it.

  14. 3-2-1 Go Sue!

  15. I came in this morning planning on just stretching but ended up doing the WOD; it looked fun 🙂

    WOD: 40-50-60-70-80-90-100 (this was really wobbly and I dont think I went low enough for it to really count)-90-90-90

  16. Hey Sue – out just in time for some overhead squats eh!?

    “Before creating his practice at Crossfit San Francisco, Starrett made a name for himself at San Francisco’s renowned Stone Clinic, where he partnered with an orthopedic surgeon to generate exceptional rates of post-op recovery by getting people to squat as soon as possible following an operation.

    ‘It’s about early mobilization to restore your range of motion. Slapping a brace on the leg and putting it in isolation is moving backward. We want to get you moving again.'” -

  17. I was able to squeeze this in a bit after some coaching of a newbie…
    Only got 5 sets in….took a big jump to finish it off…FAIL

    I would have definitely taken time to work up to 190…. might have done much better…. Thanks Coaches Jon and Greg for the eyes on

  18. This was a good time… Love OHS!


    Technically this is 11 attempts, but 110 felt (and apparently looked) too easy so decided to step it up.

    Also, at 85lbs I maxed out my snatch and wasn’t able to press the bar up with such a wide grip so had to enlist some help to get the bar overhead each time.

  19. Nice Leah! I believe that’s the best women’s OHS single in the gym if memory serves me correctly!

    Ben and Chris A. set the bar pretty high in the 5pm class (210lbs) so I had to jump in with the 6pm class to give it a shot:


    Oddly enough, the 215 and 220 reps felt way easier than the 205….thanks to Chris W., MP, and Jeff for sticking around for the last lift – appreciate it!

  20. This was a great wod! Maxed out @ 210lbs, which is a PR up from 145. Very happy with this one today. Great job to everybody!

  21. Oh, and to appease Mike I failed @ 215.

  22. Awesome job Greg!! Ben and I shared the gym record at 210 for about an hour !! haha

  23. Awesome Greg! Thats friggin huge!

  24. This movement is my big issue. Went over basics with Greg again and figured out the biggest roadblock – Ankle and shoulder mobility. I have no issue with lifting weight over head.
    After doing some ankle and shoulder mobility work – moving down into the squat with 25lbs over head was not that bad.
    Fantastic effort Greg – the 220 OHS looked too easy even though you failed at 205 – that was just a poor press up that caused that.

    BTW everyone – the treat and jerky jar has made over $52 for the Gym so far. Jerky will be in on Tuesday and treats will keep coming as we make them.
    Thank you for your participation – happy eating!!!

  25. No WOD..having some issues with the right leg sticking…stopped forcing it ..and put it aside…better to be able to come in another day.
    Greg was right ring rows were too easy…Chris made me do real low once…that should be more of a challenge in days to come.
    Thanks everyone for the “treat shop” donations doing well…Hey Mike how about that paddle attachment for the rower????
    @sue…spoke with the Princess…says you will be chomping at the bit to get in here soon 🙂