Friday, September 2, 2011

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We will be having a 10am WOD tomorrow, but will be closed on Monday.

Warm up

:15 mins – Practice Muscle Ups

:25mins – WOD

In 20 Minutes Complete: (Review Squat Clean Video HERE)
1 Clean (185,115)
1 Muscle Up (3 pull ups, 3 dips in that order consistently)
2 Cleans
2 Muscle Ups (3 pu, 3 dips, 3 pu, 3 dips…and so on for rest)
3 Cleans
3 Muscle Ups…
Continue to add 1 Clean and 1 Muscle Up each round for 20 Minutes

Post Scores to Comments.


  1. In response to the questions, I have no idea when I will be able to workout again but I will try to put in an appearance or two during the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, any and all visitors are welcome at my home.

  2. Well that’s good…while you are there…perhaps get the BBQ ready to rock…you lovely ladies still owe us Victorious Guys a feast fit for Paleo Kings…I’ve been on Amy…perhaps next weekend – 10th-ish
    Just throwing it out there

    I’m happy to hear you are doing well. And I’m glad we got those baseline measurements prior to Monday…now start squatting while you are home…get the joint moving asap… movement for mobility…

  3. Michelle and i won’t be in in the morning, but will be after work.

  4. I will not be able to make it in the morning.

  5. Mike…please stop posting WODs that I love. I need a damn day off!!! 😀

  6. didnt make is this am, dog is in ruff shape, was up late with him. going to make it this afternoon.

  7. I go to bed at 10.

  8. this one went by surprisingly quick… I think the transition from pull ups to dips takes up a bit of that time.

    Made it up to 7 cleans and 2 muscle up progressions. Cleans at 70lbs (I can clean more, but can’t front squat much more), pull ups with #1 band and dips on box with feet on bench

    Dips were rough on the shoulders… too far away from the box. Looking forward to a long weekend of rest! See you all on Tuesday! Enjoy!

  9. After yesterday’s OHS, and a couple hours rock climbing last night, my shoulders cried “No Mas’ today.

    So I did this instead:
    Annie (x2)
    Double unders
    Sit ups

    Looking forward to long weekend of rest!

  10. Did 70 lbs for the squat cleans
    7 rounds of cleans
    3 sets of muscle up progressions
    3 sets of dos

  11. Did 40lb cleans with the bar ans ring rows…low ones…just counted total reps 257.
    Still having issues with right groin area jamming…think I will do pole squats and wear it down 🙂 Nice going Michelle..sympa crowd tonight.
    10th of september sounds good for BBQ count us in

  12. 5 rounds and 6 squat cleans – 90lbs – pullups (#3 for first three rounds then #4) and dips with feet on bench
    after warm up did mobility for ankle and shoulder – basic squat is getting better – a little more upright this time.
    Need to remember to keep elbows up as it does make it easier