Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Warm Up

:15 mins – Press 5 x 5

:30 mins WOD

3 Rounds

  • 250 row
  • 10 Burpess
  • 5 Front Squats (185/135)
  • Rest one minute

Post time and comment

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  1. Michelle and i will be in in the am.

  2. Ryan and I will be in too!

  3. For the squats do we take the weight from a rack or the ground?

  4. Ground

  5. Good to be back after the long weekend! I liked this WOD a lot, it was nice to row! The burpees probably slowed me down te most yay burpees! I used 80lbs for my front squats and my time was 13:14. Good work today guys! It was nice to see almost all the morning crew there at once!

  6. Press worked up to 4x95lbs – I definitely rested too much at the top between rep for and 5. It’s a fine line between setting up for the next rep, and tiring your shoulders out.

    WOD: 12:46 with 150lbs front squat. I did the first round with 160lbs, but all powercleans today were feeling aweful sloppy and weak.

    You don’t even notice that you’re resting for 1 minute. The first round I’m sure I rested/hesitated almost that long between the burpees and front squats.

    Rowing – I tried a very short (not even to belly) hard first stroke just to break the inertia in the first round, and I’m convinced that it’s a good idea.

    Great job this morning gang!

  7. Looking forward to this one this evening… Did my own little WOD yesterday in Freddy with my newly constructed box (courtesy of my lovely boyfriend)… 21-15-9 sit ups, push ups and box jumps… 5:14 done after a leisurely 8km bike ride. Alan did it too (after a not-so-leisurely 8 km run) at 6:20… And then spent the next 20 mins sulking lol

  8. Great way to end a long weekend. WOD: 13:30 this was a great opportunity to work on that front squat technique, and I need the work.

  9. Really liked this WOD, 110 LBS 13:37, still need to work on my squat though

  10. WOD-11:?? Rx’d.

    Had to stop and walk away to re-focus after after failing to clean the weight twice in the second round. Probably the toughest part of the WOD! :o) Ha ha ha…

  11. Press 70-100-110-120-130 all x 5

    WOD 11:01 with front squat at 130lb. Had to lay on the floor for 5 minutes or so after. Its been awhile since I had to do that. Amy yelling at me the whole time made me push through it.

    Good job everyone.

  12. Wod 10:41
    Kept the front squats light at 80 lbs.
    Me and high humidity don’t go well together

  13. Press – 60-70-80-85-90 – Felt good so did 100lb for new PR

    WOD – 11:21 – 95lb front squat

    Row felt good – so I will do a 500m row this week – will be able to set new PR

    • 9:25 Rx’d
      Did it by myself. Would have been faster against others

  14. Nick and I will not be in tomorrow.

  15. Did this one at 90 lbs (had the 110 ready to go, but that just wasn’t happening)… 14:56 I think. Took way too much rest, did not push myself hard enough