Monday, September 12, 2011

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Warm Up

1. Front Squat – 3 x 5, across – choose a challenging weight and stick to it

2. Bench Press – 3 x 5, across – same as above


  1. Haven’t heard from anyone yet….

  2. i will be there for 6am,

  3. we will be there too

  4. We’ll be in.

  5. This was a nice way to start off the week.
    We were all still half asleep this morning and got the wod mixed up and ended up doing 5 sets of 3 lol

    WOD: Front squat – 110, Bench press – 105 …. I think my squat needs some work lol

  6. Ya I like that

    Front Squat- 110 (threw on an extra 10 for the last set)

    Bench Press- 140 for the work out

    Got a new number on the board though for Bench Press of 160lbs.

    Good morning

  7. What a terrific way to start the week.

    Front Squat: 175×3, failed the fourth set on the last rep, got the fifth all in though.

    Bench Press: 130×5 for the first, then 140×3 for the rest.

    Ryan, not to burst your bubble buddy, but I’m not sure your weights are right for bench. I thought you did 45 + 10 / side for your max attempt – 150lbs (for 2)

  8. Ryan, I think you could of got 160. Next time.

    Nice work this morning folks, try to remember the points of discussion moving forward. I think there were some good ‘opportunities’ identified with technique, positioning or mobility. You’ve got to keep working at this stuff if you’re going to get better! Fun morning!

  9. So looks like I can’t count… haha

    Anyone have the website for those shoes?

  10. I can’t make it for 5 tonight, but will be there at 6 instead!

  11. and Muscle driver USA also carry the ones you were wearing today.

  12. Front squats at last pr 110lbs. Bench sets at 80lbs, set my pr at 90lbs for bench, big change since march with 1rep at 55.

  13. Just did the FS’s today but did 5 rounds:

    Then mobilzed like a madman with a squat fetish.

  14. 80-90-95 for front squats and then 65-70-70 for bench press. I did a bit of rowing and worked on some cleans and some box jumps. Thanks for the corner tip, Dorris!

  15. I just worked on my squat technique since my back is a little off. Didn’t lift any significant weight but fixed some flaws.

    On the bench press, I got a clean 220 lbs x5.

  16. Warmed up with some mobility for shoulder and ankle

    FS – 95 -110 -120 – focused mostly on elbows up – now to work on pushing through the heels

    Bench – 90- 120 – 130(4 reps and a fail on the 5th)
    Good thing I am going to start Wendler again – think I lost a little

  17. MP’s warm up; 3 rounds:10 sideways leg raises each leg;10 pole squats;10 sit ups; 10 low ring rows
    MP’s WOD: 1200 m row…2 x 100 m sprints
    stretching and working shoulders…will have to keep stretching the right leg every day to counteract ossification…it is more rapid than I thought
    will join WOD tomorrow 🙂

  18. Fun day today. 110 for the squats and 150 for bench. Tweaked my f’in knee on the last rep of squats though…Thanks MJ for working tight with us on our technique…However, I did hit my chest on the last one whereby you made me do another….as you would like to put it…just sayin…

    Great job nooner group. That’a push it to my 3-some group of Tracey and Marcie…some great PR’s…

  19. Front Squats: 185 x 3 x 5. I probably could have done more but sets across confuses me on what weights to start and stay with when you’re not doing linear progression.

    Bench Press: 160×5, 175×5, 195×1, 205×1 (s-l-o-w-e-s-t lift ever….) (PR!)

    Great job by everyone at 6pm – lots of effort going on – love it!