Monday, September 19, 2011

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Warm Up

:15 mins – Deadlift 3 sets of 3 reps across working with 90% of 1 rep max

:30 mins – WOD

25 Deadlifts (220, 150)
50 Pull Ups
25 Deadlifts (220, 150)

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  1. i will be there for 6am

  2. Interesting WOD. Michelle and I will be in.

  3. We will be in too

  4. damn i hate missing ones like this

  5. This was a bit of fun, though I’m a little tired of my deadlift being weaker than it should be. I pulled 1×3 @ 290, 1×1 @ 290, and that was it – which is just sad.

    WOD: 13:07? As RX’d

  6. This was an interesting one, My deadlifts are getting stronger every week.

    Last week 1x Max 220

    I did the warm up and was at 200, so I did one more set of three at 220.

    WOD: 15:19 180LBS #2 bans

  7. Great Turn out today at noon! See, everyone LOVES deadlifts!!

    This workout is a great measure of where your grip strength is and how important it is in many of these WOD’s.

    WOD – 6:27 @Rx’d

  8. HUGE crowd at lunch today! Craziness! Great to see some new faces too!

    90% of my 1RM (160) felt really heavy… made me wonder how I lifted 180 hahaha!

    WOD – 12:00 started at 130 for DL and ended up at 110 for the second set of 25. Did all pullups kipping unassisted (yay, small victories) though my back was quite tight after the first 25 DLs and I found stringing more than 2 or 3 together VERY difficult

  9. sounds like this would have been a fun one! i’ll see everyone on Friday!

  10. 10:14 Rx. Great crowd for the lunch session.

  11. 110-130-150 for my 3×3 deadlifts and then got 180 for a one rep max which I had yet to establish. For the WOD I used 130 which ended up being pretty heavy and as a result it slowed me down quite a bit 18:32 was my time I think.