Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Warm up

:15 mins – Work on Kipping/butterfly pull ups

:25 min – WOD



5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

Post scores and comments


  1. Well be there in the am

  2. Cool…Benchmark WOD!! Bring the A game!

  3. We won’t. Michelle will be there in the evening – I’ll be in Moncton.

  4. Well that was fun

    I was able to do 3 round RX with kipping pullups (they weren’t pretty)
    then the rest with a #2 band, so it felt good!!


  5. Achievement alert!!

    MAGS banged out his first CINDY! Way to go man!
    Ryan got his first couple kipping pullups,
    …and I think I saw Jenn W get a couple butterflies in a row too and did a Cindy Rx’d…
    Jen C did her first Cindy too… 11 rounds Rx’d too!!

    Nice work this morning folks…you should be happy with the effort!

  6. Jen C rocked this and got 14 + 2 rounds Rx’d.

    I got 11+1 Rx’d 🙂 Love Cindy!!!

  7. 14… Sorry Jen C!

  8. 14… Sorry Jen C! That last one was from me not Michelle.

  9. Pretty pumped to say I did 11 rounds + 5 of Cindy as RX’d!

    Gotta work on push ups for sure! I feel mine were quite “wormy”

    Great job lunch crew!

  10. 12 rounds + 2 Rx

  11. Yay Cindy!

  12. Cindy is a sly sneaky Bitch! feeling it this afternoon but happy with my over all WOD! Great job morning crew!

  13. WOD – 16 rounds 3 reps @Rx’d

    No PR tonight but a good workout none the less!

  14. This was the first time I met Cindy – seen her crazy sister Grindy.
    Cindy makes my list of girls I dont like – however she can get into my good books as this is a nice basic skill workout.

    WOD – 10 Rounds + 15 – used #3 band

    Squats have improved and so have the push ups – it is the pull ups where I lose time and reps.

  15. WOD 11 rounds + 5 with #4 band on pull ups.

    Push ups felt good and were unbroken til the 9th round. Squats didn’t feel too bad but we will see how I am in the morning.