Reward Meal for Previous Paleo Challenge

Posted by on Sep 21, 2011 in News | 13 comments

Don’t forget about meal later today!!!!

From Coach Amy:

Things the girls will need to bring collectively…. steaks(two girls split cost responsibility), large potato salad, large caesar salad, large toss salad, a turkey, and treats (chips and dip, cookies, etc),pop/juice,

I will be bringing hamburgers/buns and chicken breast as well as plates and glasses. Byob.

Have them post what they are going to be bringing in comments so there will not be a over abundance of one thing and none of the others

Please post your interest and availability.
We would like to confirm there will be people in attendance if the effort is going into it.


  1. What time is this meal and where is it? 🙂

  2. I will provide the turkey as I know how to prepare it. Greg, it will be at my place as I have a covered deck so the weather is not going to affect anything. I suggested a start time around 4 or 5.

  3. Date?

  4. Saturday – 24th

  5. Address??

    Is this a family event? (i.e kids and spouses)

  6. I can bring salads! I’ll Costco size them! (Yes, this is Erika and I am still alive :p)

  7. and what is the address please???

  8. Boooooo! Scratch my attendance; I forgot I have to bartend the Seadogs game and have to be at Harbour Station for 5:30 :(((((

  9. I will be coming along with MP.
    Sue the address would be nice to have if we are going to come over.
    My GPS system does not have a “Sue’s Place” locator. 🙂

  10. 22 Robinson St, Rothesay – take 137b of the highway, go right at the fire station, left at the lights onto Marr Rd then turn right into Chapel Road immediately after the Bayview Credit Union. Go left at the 3 way stop and my house is the 5 th one on the left with all the Jags in the drive/ garage, lol.

  11. MP said she will bring Salads since Ericka is working – Costco size

  12. Tomorrow!!??!! Holy smokes…I didn’t realize it was so soon. Have fun folks, I didn’t realize the date.

  13. We got hit with two house showings at 5 and 6… :o( I can’t believe I missed a free meal!!