Saturday, September 24, 2011

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We are hoping for a good turnout.

We have some people coming in to try it out and would like to do a team WOD.
Get in for 10 if you can!!

Do it!


  1. I’ll be there! Lol might not be moving all that quick

  2. Would like to be there! Might not happen though

  3. 15 people today – wow!! Awesome morning!

    3-person Team WOD:
    Run 435m (as team)
    150 Frog Squats
    150 ‘High-5’ Pushups (2 people at a time)
    150 Pullups/Ring Rows (no bands)
    Run 435m (as team)

    Me + Sara + Michelle: 23:41

  4. That was awesome! There’s nothing like the feeling of not being able to move, tired from the neck down to start your Saturday off right!!!

    Me Mike and Jane (I believe it was)
    Time 21:20
    Jane did an amazing job! And she didn’t mind us yelling either!

    • That was amazing.

      Some people learned some good life lessons…..Growlers the eve before saturday session…..NOT GOOD!

      Always great to have Sara and Justin join the crew…and they brought reinforcements!

      I asked for intensity today and I was not disappointed! Great work everyone! See you Monday!