Monday, September 26, 2011

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Warm Up

:15 mins – Press – 5 set of 3 reps

Teams of 3 (at least 1 female per team). everyone must run together at the beginning and the end.  Only one person working at a time on the other exercises, with the remaining 2 athletes take turns holding a 25# plate overhead (the plate must be overhead the entire time during the Box Jumps, Push Press, Air Squats, and Walking Lunges).

For time:

  • Run 400 meters (entire team)
  • 150 Box Jumps (24?/20” box)
  • 75 Push Press (65#/45#)
  • 75 Air Squats
  • 150 Steps Walking Lunge (with 45#/25# kettlebells)
  • Run 400 meters (entire team)

Team cannot start the first exercise until everyone has completed the run, team cannot start the next exercise until all reps are done.  Final time is when the last team member finishes their 400m run

Compare to JUNE 3, 2011

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

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  1. Omg! Lol I still don’t have a muscle that isn’t sore. Here’s hoping that this will work the kinks out lol. Woo hoo!

  2. This was brutal in June, one of my last workouts before surgery!!

  3. I liked this one last time. Well be there in the am 🙂

  4. It was a lot of fun. We’ll be there in the AM, but my strength focus starts tomorrow.

  5. Erika where were you???

    Team Jenn/Ryan/Jon 16:10 Rx’d
    3 minutes faster than last time 🙂

  6. That’s a good mobility link. People should check it out!

  7. So…round #2 with Mark and Steve 13:48 Rx’d!

    Awesome job boys…and uh…thanks for the 50 straight push presses Mark made the second pass much easier.

  8. Wow Jon – Happy to hit a WOD that doesn’t take HUGE modifications? 2x in one day and a 2:22 PR to boot.

  9. Great time tonight with the 5pm crew… And helping out with the 6pm crew!

    Team: myself, Sarah, and Ryan from Halifax… Time was 16:29 (maybe? Can’t remember the seconds)
    Great to have you in Ryan, you killed this for our team!
    Man my quads felt ready to explode after those waking lunges!

    Stuck around for the 6pm session and subbed in on the runs… Wish I’d timed the first run, definitely would have beat my PR using Chris as a pace-setter!

  10. me, Chris & Kevin
    WOD 17:49
    i did sit ups instead of running / rowing (broke my pinkie toe on my right foot)
    i wound up using the 25 lb plate for most of the wod instead of the 15, didn’t notice until Amy said something.

    Great job by everyone this evening! Awesome to see Erika and Sue back at it and congrats to the first of the boot camp crew!!

  11. Leah you must not watch much car racing because you not suppose to pass the pace car!! lol

  12. Press 5 by 3 times – 60-70-90-9-100-105

    Doris, Sue and myself
    WOD – 25:29
    Great job Sue and Doris
    Sue – great seeing you back in
    Doris – thanks for keeping your pace at mine – hope I did not make you go slower than usual
    The Bootcamp Crew came to rock and they did a great job for their first night.
    Devon and Ashley good to see you back in