Tuesday, September 26, 2011

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Warm Up

Squat Snatch work up to heavy one rep max.


Kettlebell Swings (heavy)



  1. Well I was not feeling the Squat Snatches today, but Jon really helped pound the movements into me.

    The WOD was interesting, was planning on using the 60# kettlebell, but I made this mistake of saying I thought I could do the 70#, Jon held me too it, got through the first 21 swings with it, then 5 of the second before I was having trouble controlling it on the way down and had to switch to a 60#. Killed my time but it felt good!!!

    WOD 7:45 (I think)

  2. Interesting article on Yahoo.ca…
    5 “Men’s” Exercises That Women Should Do

    Anyone else concerned that they are encouraging women to lift heavy weights with no real instruction or coaching? Or to hold 45lbs above their face?? Or jumping onto a “study” coffee table??
    Also, why don’t our tires have handles?? lol

  3. Snatch:
    110xfail…just got off-balanced
    170xfail….off-balance forward at the bottom
    170xfail….off-balance forward at the bottom
    170xfail….off-balance backward at the bottom
    170xfail….couldn’t stabilize it at the bottom
    170xfail….sloppy…just tired….I will get this

    WOD: 4:59 @ 55lb KB

  4. Snatches would kill my wrist but I must commend the people who gave it a shot today and to Greg and Krystal for pushing the bar. Plus Jenn and Ryan this morning who got a bit of work in before this crazy little WOD.

    Holy lungs…burning for quite a while after this one. Decided to test the wrist: 70lb KB, 5:00 even.

  5. Jenn W! I’ll be back in the mornings prolly next week but for this week it’s all evenings (and by all I mean every-other-one since I can barely walk today :p) But can’t wait to see you!!

  6. Wow that was intense for a short one lol
    Wod 5:27
    Used 45 lb kettle bell

    Great job by evryone this evening!!

  7. Wendler Deadlift day and 20 minutes of working on Double Unders

    AMRAP 9 @ 225lb

    No double unders today but came close many times – I will get this!!!

  8. 6:53 for this guy using the 45