Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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“Fight Gone Bad”

3 Rounds, 1 minute each movement. Total reps/calories = score.

    • Wall Balls (20, 14)
    • Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75/55) (With bar or KB. Remember…Pinch butt, shrug hard.)
    • Box Jumps (24/20)
    • Push Press (75/55) – Weight on heels, abdominals tight throughout.
    • Row (calories)
    • Rest

Check you scores last time FEB 16/13 http://www.crossfitsaintjohn.ca/2013/02/10/monday-february-11-2013/


  1. awesome work by the early bird crew! I heard of a couple of PR’s on scores too!! Great job!

  2. So you want to be a professional CrossFitter?

    Check out the WOD’s that are starting to be posted for the CrossFit Games that start on Wednesday…

    Row 21,097 meters? Ouch>


    • I seen the announcement for “naughty nancy”. I’d like to try that one

      • 100 OHS at 140#? Yuuuck.

        • i don’t know if i could finish this in the 20 min cap, but I’m confident i could finish it. eventually hah.

    • Although I like the idea of incorporating swimming into your life, this is too specialized a skill to have in the games. That’s like including hitting home runs off Dickey or something.

  3. Worked on deadlifts again this week. I got to 115 then decided to stay there and focus on form and doing them right. I think I could do more but want to get form perfect first. Amy helped me alot with the form.

    This was my favorite WOD to date. Came in at 161. I think I could’ve gave it a little more though. Next time for sure. First time rowing and I quite enjoyed it!

  4. WOD 1 5km run

    WOD 2 (Strength)

    Push Jerk- 135×10, 185×5, 215×4, 225×2, 235xFail

    EMOM 5 – 135# Push Jerks x10

  5. Strength- OH squats EMOM up to 90lbs! PR 🙂 up from 75lbs!
    Wod- 224 reps rx’d! Last time was 240 but that was modified and I was pregnant! Haha!

    Great job everyone 🙂

    • Last time for me was sept 25th, I used a 10lb wallball, 30lb kb for SDHP, 16″ box , 40 for push press ! And 4 months pregnant.

  6. pre wod – run in the rain, followed by a wipe out and a ninja roll.

    no strenght, just opted for some stretching.

    wod – opted for a very slow randy.

    tossed some core work in 1 min of plank, situps, leg raises and side planks with 40 lb kb.

    feeling sore. great job to the 1pm’ers though.

  7. Strength: PR cleans at 85 #
    WOD 138. Modified with step ups and 10#ball
    As always I loved it but it was awful.

  8. strength: PR’d my strict press @ 140lbs
    WOD: 254, up from 221 in feb. i felt slow enven though i did better.

    Way to go everyone!

  9. Strength-a few sets of serious arm curls :-))
    FGB first time for me 331rxd. Alot of wasted time, I’m sure I could easily add on 25 more..

  10. Strength-a few sets of serious arm curls 🙂
    FGB first time for me 331rxd. Alot of wasted time, I’m sure I could easily add on 25 more..

  11. WOD 304 Rx’d (PR!)

    I love FGB…it’s been a long time since I’ve done this one. Think I missed it last time it was scheduled.

    Tackeld the WOD at noon and coached the evening crews, so I saw lots of people grind through this one…absolutely awesome effort by everyone today!

  12. Worked squats

    5×5 @ 55% 1RM
    5×5 @ 65%

    Then FGB – 337 Rx

    Not a pr